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ACROMATICA is a death metal act from Jakarta, Indonesia. Initially known as ANATHEMATIZE, the story began when now-defunct Forsaken The Sorrow‘s guitarist Nur Al Wahab wanted to make a new death metal project that differed from his previous metalcore bands. He asked singer Bayu Prasetyo from Intestinal to join force. The two agreed to form a death metal band and adopting name Bayu proposed: ANATHEMATIZE.

They recruited Pulverize’s guitarist Apri Nanda Putra and drummer Aditya Pratama from Distorsi. Intestinal’s bass player Imam joined to complete the first formation. ANATHEMATIZE set for sail on October 2, 2010 and playing melodic death metal and slamming death metal, utilizing Bayu’s preference in pigsqueal and exhale guttural.

The five-piece band took part in many underground gigs and planning a debut mini album by recorded six tunes.

ANATHEMATIZE faced an uncertain future situation when Bayu quit the band in 2013 to pursue his career.  Pulverize’s frontman Ahmad Reza was recruited to fill Bayu’s shoe. Bayu later revived his solo project called Kidnap that was formed during his tenure in ANATHEMATIZE.

A year later Adit left the band due to creative differences. Before his quit, Adit and Wahab had argued about the band’s musical direction and future plans. Former Lord of Illusion and Victory Domination‘s drummer Fikri Ramadhan was called for Adit’s replacement. Adit then joined Deviated.

The line up changing did not stop until Imam quit ANATHEMATIZE for an undisclosed reason in 2014, left the band without bass player.

In June 2014, Wahab proposed ACROMATICA as the band’s new name and the flock accepted. It’s a little bit contradictory, since the band utilizes huge amount of chromatic chords and tunes in their songs. The new name shaped a new spirit. The ACROMATICA started busying them self  preparing their debut album.

Second guitarist Apri Nanda Putra resigned in 2015 to concentrate in his career. To complete the required positions for a new line-up during the recording session, former Bangsal and Kejie‘s bassist Meidika Ananda was employed. ACROMATICA went on as a quartet.

The recording session for its debut album took place in November 2015 at Embryonic Studio, Johar Baru, Jakarta. Fourteen tracks (including six re-written Anathematize’s songs) were recorded by the studio engineer, Donny Onda. Wahab was responsible for producing  and mixing. He also provided the initial material concept. Lyrics were written by Reza. Bagoez Putra from Reduced made the cover artworks, and logo was designed by Rio Sabaoth. Former guitarist Apri Nanda Putra still involved in the album process, recording rhythm guitar and low tone parts. The session was wrapped up in February 2016.

Debut “Misdirection Impact” was released on April, 20 2016 by Indonesian eminent independent record label Sickness Production and distributed in USA by Sevared Records.  The album received positive reviews from some metal webzines in Indonesia. ACROMATICA started to co-headline some prominent gigs along with other well-known metal bands. Jakarta-based independent label Edafos Production launched the cassette tape version of Misdirection Impact in August 2016.

ACROMATICA is scheduled to promote the album with a supporting tour in 2017.

Fickri Ramadhan a.k.a. Afoll spoke to about the band. He said ACROMATICA is influenced by The Faceless, DeadSquad, Beneath The Massacre, Necrophagist, Obscura, Gorod, AlterBeast and Veil of Maya. He claimed the members did not have formal musical education, but only learning it auto-didactically.

Afoll stated the band is in the studio now to record some new tunes for their sophomore album.


Achmad Reza – vocals (2013 – present)
Meidika Putra Ananda – bass (2015 – present)
Fikri Ramadhan – drums (2014 – present)
Nur Al Wahab – guitars (2010 – present)


Bayu Prasetyo – vocals (2010 – 2013)
Imam – bass (2010 – 2014)
Aditya Pratama – drums (2010 – 2014)
Apri Nanda Putra – guitars  (2010 – 2015)


Facebook: Acromaticametal
Twitter : acromaticaband
Instagram : acromaticaband
Email : acromaticametal(at)
Reverbnation: acromatica
Youtube: acromatica
Booking: Afoll +62 877-8897-5966 / Reza +62 856-9053-660
Current label: Sickness Production


2016 – ACROMATICA – Misdirection Impact  (Sickness Production)


1. Disordine (intro) 00:31
2. Proletar Militan 02:49
3. Rebellious Evil Influences 03:49
4. Batas Era 03:05
5. Fiktif 02:32
6. Deviate 04:04
7. Doktrin Massal 03:41
8. Be(lie)ve 03:15
9. Servants of Evil 02:49
10. Rotteness in Deception 03:32
11. Radikal 03:29
12. Psychoneurotic 02:46
13. Slavery 04:31
14. End (outro) 01:38


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