AMARANTH is a symphonic metal band from Depok, West Java, Indonesia.

The band was founded as Kesatria Templar in February 2015 in Sawangan by Muhammad Ilham and Firly Adnan, previously had been keyboardist and vocalist of Edelweiss (along with future female vocalist Selvi), and fellow hang-out mates Syahril and Adhan who never in a band before. 

The clique wanted to form their own symphonic metal band and started to list some fellow musicians to fulfill the initial line up.

The original line up then consisted of Firly (vocals), Ilham (keyboards), Muhammad Ibnu Sina (guitars), Ega (drums), Fajar (bass), and Novi (vocals). 

A month later, former Ayat 777 Donny joined the band as second guitarist. 

Due to their commitment at works, Fajar, Novi and Ega resigned from the band. Bassist Agus Bakri joined to fill Fajar’s shoes, followed by Abdul Herry, former punk act Timur Kribo drummer.

Former Edelweiss vocalist Selvi reunited with Ilham and Firly in June 2015. The band changed their name to REMINISCENCE, a name proposed by Donny. The band played in some gigs subsequently.

This formation entered Studio 10 Cinere to record two songs: Dua Sisi Kehidupan and Nada Suci in 2015.

The tracks were engineered, mixed and mastered by Ryan from Studio 10.

Guitarist Donny and frontwoman Selvi soon involved in a romantic relationship and got married in February 2017. They decided to leave the band. 

Donny and Selvi’s marriage and departures brought the band on the brink of disbanding. The couple did not allowed the band to use Reminescence name since it was proposed by Donny. 

This conflict resulted the band dropping the name, and adopted Amaranth as the band’s new brand. Ilham suggested the new name, inspired by Finnish Nigthwish’s song from their sixth album Dark Passion Play.

Amaranth officially rolled out in March 2017. To fill female vocal section as required, Andien Anggraeni, former Hope Miracle frontwoman was employed. 

The new Amaranth entered Studio 10 once again to record new single Finally and to re-take two previous songs.

Dua Sisi Kehidupan is listed in two compilation CD’s released anytime soon this year, i.e. The Rooster by Proganizer and Ermusic Rcrds; and Creepy: the ultimate undeground 3 compilation by Bijikopi Records.

A promotional CD is scheduled to release in June 2017, preceding their upcoming debut album.

Keyboardist Ilham stated to, the band is mainly influenced by Epica, Nightwish, Within Temptation, Lamb of God, Eluviette and Tristania.



Firly Adnan – vocals (2015 – present)
Andien Anggraeni – vocals (2017 – present)
Agus Bakri – bass (2015 – present)
Muhammad Ibnu Sina – guitars (2015 – present)
Muhammad Ilham – keyboards (2015 – present)
Abdul Herry  drums (2015 – present)


Novi – vocals (2015)
Fajar – bass (2015)
Egha – drums (2015)
Donny – guitars (2015 – 2017)
Selvi  vocals (2015 – 2017)


2017 – VA – The Rooster (Proganizer x Ermusic Rcrds, Jakarta)
2017 – VA – Creepy: Ultimate Underground 3 (Bijikopi Records, Jakarta)


Facebook: Amaranth Indonesia Official

Instagram: @amaranth_indonesia
Youtube: Amaranth Indonesia

Booking: 08975910481/087788442653


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