An interview with Kontaminasi Jiwa’s frontman, Fuad Konjiwa

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One of the famous band in Aceh metal realms, Kontaminasi Jiwa, a Bireuen based deathmetal darkcore band is currently preparing their debut album. Een Revolt from talked with their frontman Fuad Konjiwa about the band and the local metal scene, during his busy activity organized Gabungan Musisi Aceh (GMA) Bireuen’s social cause “Busking for the Gayo Earthquake Victims”, Sunday 7th of July 2013.

Een: First of all, We just want to give you thumbs up for what you have done today. It’s really a good cause and you guys have shown your great compassion and sympathy for the earthquake victims.

Fuad: Wow, thanks. Me and my musician friends from GMA Bireuen feel the same thing you do: We’re sad for what’s  happening in Gayo Land right now. Bireuen District is very close to that area. Most of us has friends there.

Een: Can you tell me the story behind the busking?

Fuad: Yeah, We gathered a few days ago and discussed about the fundraising idea for the catastrophe victims. Then we decided to make “Busking for the Gayo Earthquake Victims. We asked Faisal Albert Jester, the president of GMA Bireuen to make a formal meeting and inviting more musicians to join us in Saturday, 6th of July 2013.
The meeting made a committee and they appointed me as the committee secretary.

Een: Cool! How’s the result? How did the people respond?

Fuad: Well, it resulted excellent. We’ve got more than we expected. More than 5 millions Rupiah was filling the purse from people’s donation. I think the society is respecting what we’re doing.

Een: I heard you guys have already delivered the money you collected from the busking. Tell me about it!

Fuad: Yeah, A team consisted of Faisal Albert Jester, Ricky Noxious Syndrome, Dedi Tanduk Setan, Ian syahrizal, Mirza GB, Dolly, and M ridha, was dispatched to Bener Meriah in mid day 9th of July. They delivered diapers, formulas, baby foods, clothes and everything necessary for infants and toddlers. We were informed the kids were not supported well. People is bringing foods, mostly instant noodles/ramen and other foods which are only suited for adults. Then we decided to send food for kids. We handed over the goods to a volunteer base camp in Bebesan Sub-district, whom will distribute ’em to the refugees.

Een: Once again, you guys are great! 

Fuad: Thanks!

Een: Now tell me, what is your band’s planning now?

Fuad: Kontaminasi Jiwa will resume in making its debut album. The Ramadan is coming, and we have plenty of time to do some new songs this month.  Hopefully the album will be wrapped in next six months. It’s very hard, though. Most of us are always busy and busy. I’ve been trying to finish my study in Agriculture Faculty – Malikussaleh University very soon. I’m in my fourth years. Others are more senior than me and have been struggling to finish theirs too.

Een:  Nice, tell me about the album, how will it sound? and tell me about the album’s writing process?

Fuad: Well, it will sound like our previous four reverbnation singles. More into deathmetal darkcore or deathcore blackened. We love to play that kind of genres. We have influences from some deathmetal, deathmetal blackened, deathcore, and brutal deathcore bands. About the writing process, I can tell that all member of Kontaminasi Jiwa gather in jamming studio and jam some new riffs and collectively working on it. That’s why there is no single person credited as the song’s writer. Everything is done together. We will hire Scream Studio Bireuen as our jamming studio in this Ramadan season.

Een: What will the album be named?

Fuad: It will be called Hancurnya Bumi. Same name as our last single. I think it will be suited, since the mother earth is getting older and older and on her way to devastation. We, people have the big parts in destroying the nature, too. I hope it can influence people. Stop destroying your nature. Go green!

Een: Cool! I can’t wait any longer to have your debut CD. Next question is: how is the Bireuen local Metal scene now? How is the gig atmosphere there? and which bands do you play regularly with?

Fuad: Well, our local metal scene is literally …. Underground now! There are  a lot of undergrounders here. But we can not make any single underground gig anymore. It’s happened for years now. Since the regulation in proceeding a concert permit, requires a permit from MPU (Majelis Permusyawaratan Ulama) Bireuen. And, the guys in MPU hate music, though. I do not understand. And no one understands either. It’s more relax in Banda Aceh or in Lhok Sukon, or Takengon and some other major cities. Metalheads and Punks in that cities are easier in making an underground gig. Not in Bireuen. I hope GMA could do something about that. Like they have done in Banda Aceh. There are only three solid metal bands now in Bireuen. Just say Kontaminasi Jiwa, Tanduk Setan and Lentera Surga. Where are others? They are on hiatus. Most of the underground  bands don’t have enough member.  Mostly, young Bireuen musicians will reside to other cities like Banda Aceh, Lhokseumawe or Medan for educational reason, and develop their musical ability there. Now, Bireuen is lack of good musicians.

Een: Shame, I hope there will be a way to solve the problem! Fuad, thanks for your time. 

Fuad: Yeah, Take care!

Fuad Konjiwa
Fuad Konjiwa
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