Angelcorpse to embark first and last tour in Asia

American blackened death metal legendary Angelcorpse will embark on their first and last Asia and Oceania tour, titled Extermination 2017, from 22nd July to 6th of August.

The Extermination 2017 Asia leg is handled by Singapore-based Vent Box Productions and Australia/New Zealand leg is handled by Black Conjuration Fest.

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These are the dates for Extermination 2017:

22/7 – Bangkok, Thailand
23/7 – Singapore
26/7 – Auckland, NZ
27/7 – Wellington, NZ
28/7 – Sydney, Australia
29/7 – Adelaide, Australia
30/7 – Melbourne, Australia
3/8 – Seoul, Korea
4/8 – Hong Kong
5/8 – Cebu, Philippines
6/8 – Manila, Philippines.

The Asia/Oceania dates are part of The Angelcorpse 20-year reunion shows that will end in Metal Mean’s Fest – Brussels on August 19. The reunion shows are intended to be ended in December, but has been shortened due to schedule conflicts.

The band is in their second reformation after disbanded for the second time in 2009.

Karnak’s frontman/guitarist Francesco Ponga will join to support the band during the tour, Angelcorpse’s Facebook stated on May 1.


Angelcorpse was formed in 1995, born on the ashes of Pete Helmkamp’s previous band, Order from Chaos, with initial line-up consisted of bassist Helmkamp, guitarist Gene Palubicki, and drummer John Longstreth.

The band’s debut album, Hammer of Gods, was released in 1996, followed by second album Exterminate (1998). Rhythm guitarist Bill Taylor joined for this album. Drummer Tony Laureano joined shortly after its release but Taylor left.

The band’s third album, The Inexorable, was released in the fall of 1999, after Taylor rejoined. The band split up in 2000 after finishing tours to support the album.

In 2006, the band reformed and recorded a new album Of Lucifer and Lightning a year later. The band has been involved in a number of American and European tours involving other metal acts such as Immortal, Krisiun, Cianide, Watain, Revenge, Arkhon Infaustus, Cemetery Urn, Sanguis Imperum, Gospel of the Horns, and Ares Kingdom.  On April 7, 2009, the members announced disbandment, citing “musical differences” as the reason.

As of 2015, the band is back together. Last formation consists of Pete Helmkamp (bass, vocals), Gene Palubicki (guitars), Andrea Janko (live/drums), and Francesco Ponga (live/guitars).


Mikael Loh from Vent Box Productions in an interview with suggested:

This is the first and last chance to catch Angelcorpse before they close the band for good.

Loh, known under pseudonymous Bloodcurse, fronting Singaporean black metal Ilemauzar, co-founded the booking agency with Winnie Tan in 2014 as a local music promoter. In 2015, after booking a short tour for Necrowretch from France, they decided to go more into tour bookings rather than just 1 off shows. Currently, their roster comprises Angelcorpse, Necrowretch, Implore, SiksakubuR, Down For Life, Ilemauzar, Assault and Dyeth, and more bands coming on board.


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