Atrocious reveals sophomore album cover and title

Tangerang-based death metal act Atrocious has revealed its sophomore album’s title and cover art. Bassist Abbi Mohaz posted in his Facebook on May 31, 2017:

“​Coming soon… After eid mubarak, album ke 2 atrocious2017 berisikan 10 track merdu nuasa brutal death metal, yg bertitle ‘mental disorder’ yg di rilis oleh DG records… So segera rekan” metalhead anywhere dpt menikmatinya…”

The Mental Disorder cover art was designed by metal artist Tata Kumilizer.

Previously intended to be titled Killer Instinct, Atrocious’ second album will be released by DG Records after first album Revenge of Killer published by Grind Life Records in December 2015.

The band hired Pratama Studio, in Ciledug, Tangerang, and Gana Studio in Bintaro, South Tangerang and employed Veggy Rubby Pratama (Silent Heals, Pratama Studio) to do the recording engineering and mixing.

Guest musicians who involved in this album are Veggy Rubby Pratama (Silent Heals), Ade “Kepun” (Qishash / Cranial Corpse), Bada Riyadi (Croxous), and Heila Tanissan (Wuruju).

A promotional CD consists of 2 songs was released in January 2017. For the 2017 demo, DG Records hired Itenk Riot from Illustrasick Art to do the album cover. DG Records’s owner Denis Suhendra designed the layout himself.

Atrocious is a death metal band formed in Tangerang in 2012 by guitarist Anton Setyo. Now consists of Anton (guitars), Okka (vocals), Abbi (bass) and Iboy Coolant (drums).



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