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Blitar to witness the ninth installment of one of its prominent extreme music gig, the Bajang Extreme Metal. The ninth issue of the most blatant black metal festival in Blitar will take place on Sunday, April 30, 2017 at Tawang Sari Building, Garum, Blitar, East Java.

Thirteen black metal and Gothic metal bands are listed in a transient line up that will mesmerize black metal music fans, with their dark and mystical ambient music. More bands to be announced soon. Some of them will showcase genuinely type of black metal sub-genre which incorporates local Javanese old philosophic imagery and rituals.

Black metal musicians in Central and East Java are famous for their Javanese cultural influences. Among of them are the blend of traditional Javanese scale and lyrics with the common black metal music we hear today, and utilizing pocong-like costumes by wrapping their bodies with shroud, to complete “the regular” black metal attributes i.e. corpse paint, spiked wristbands, combat boots, and bullet belts.

This unique approaching will make this festival a concert you must come.

This year’s festival theme is “Tekaning Karep Gumantung”, a Javanese version for Latin phrase “Labor omnia vincit” means hard work conquers all.

Suhariyanto a.k.a Hari, co-founder of Bajang Dark Soul Society (BDSS) who owns the very show, spoke to about the gig and the society. He told the Bajang Extreme Metal was held for the first time on July 9, 2006 at GOR Kaweron Blitar, East Java. The aim of this gig series was to support the development of metal music in Blitar.

During that time, the thriving Blitar underground scenes needed to be maintained by providing many gig platforms for up-and-coming musicians to cut their teeth or to promote their works. Another goal was to strengthen the bonding among the metalheads in Blitar, and/or from other cities.

BDSS was founded on May 3, 2004 in Bajang, a village in District Talun, Blitar, which is famous for its citizens’ chopped-tobacco household industries.

Hari, a Bajang-born and founding member/lead guitarist of black metal act Suwek Mori, added the BDSS members are very active in social activities in their neighborhood. They always involve in any social cause happens in Bajang, joining Karang Taruna (village youth organization), and to participate in any national observance. BDSS is currently led by Hari.



SUWEK MORI (Blitar, Black Metal)
KAMAR MAYAT (Semarang, Black Metal)
BRAJANGKOLO (Ambarawa, Black Metal)
ARWAH GHOIB (Surabaya, Gothic Metal)
JOLO SUKMO (Tulung Agung, Black Metal)
TALQIN MAYIT (Rembang, Black Metal)
KATIL MAYIT (Rembang, Black Metal)
RUWATAN LELUHUR (Tulung Agung, Black Metal)
AFTERNIGHT (Tulung Agung, Black Metal)
ABRAHAH (Blitar, Black Metal)
INNALILLAHI (Surabaya, Black Metal)
SAKRAL CEREMONY (Malang, Black Metal)
WONG ALUS (Sidoarjo, Black Metal)

Ticket on the spot will be available for IDR 20K. For further information about the show, you may contact Hari Suwek Mori at 085649931508 or BBM D1CEC471.

The Bajang Extreme Metal 9 is supported by Blitar Underground Community, Wlingi Metal Head, etc.
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