BATTLE OF ROCK – Road to CrassRock Sukabumi Music Festival 2017


Artikel lanjutan Crassrock dalam Bahasa Indonesia, dapat dibaca di link berikut: Crassrock: Battle of Rock

Sukabumi-based event organizer 911 Promosindo will hold its second preliminary event to CRASSROCK SUKABUMI MUSIC FESTIVAL, an ambitious 2-day and multi-stages music festival which is scheduled to take place on May 13 and 14, 2017.

The second event is titled CRASSROCK – BATTLE OF ROCKRoad to Sukabumi Music Festival, will be held on Sunday, March 5, 2017 at Yon Armed 13 Hall, Cikembang, Sukabumi, West Java.

There are twenty one bands from West Java, Banten and Jakarta, listed in a temporal lineup roster. Tanggerang death metal act QISHASH  and HARDER, a metal band from Sukabumi, are confirmed to headline the show. Another band is scheduled to be the event’s headliner: Bandung-based reggae act CRAZY RASTA has not signaled green light yet.

Daniel Firmansyah from 911 Promosindo spoke to about CRASSROCK event series. The franchise was the brainchild of him and his colleague Deka from Frogmen. The main idea is to give chances for new bands from Sukabumi to cut their teeth. They set up  two preliminary events to precede CRASSROCK SUKABUMI MUSIC FESTIVAL. The first event Crassrock – Victim of Rock was held on January 8, 2017.

CRASSROCK SUKABUMI MUSIC FESTIVAL is planned to be the biggest music fest in Sukabumi showcasing 100 acts in 2 stages.  A campsite will be erected to accommodate the 2-day festival attendees.


  1. QISHASH (Tanggerang)
  2. HARDER (Sukabumi)
  3. BREATHE IN NOISES (Cianjur)
  4. EMBRIONIC (Garut)
  5. STREET OF WAR (Sukabumi)
  6. KATALIMENG (Sukabumi)
  7. F*CKSHINE (Sukabumi)
  8. RELIEFS (Sukabumi)
  9. JEHOVAH THE SATYR (Sukabumi)
  10. SCREAM IN BUBBLE (Bandung)
  11. INTOXICATION (Cianjur)
  12. BELATOR (Sukabumi)
  13. SOVEREIGN (Jakarta)
  14. BEFORE WE DIE (Sukabumi)
  15. MARKOEM (Jakarta)
  16. KILL DISASTER (Cianjur)
  17. MISIL (Sukabumi)
  18. JASSON AND JESSICA (Sukabumi)
  19. PERFECT SYNDROME (Sukabumi)
  20. MEMORIES RASTA (Sukabumi)
  21. THE BRAIN ROGER (Sukabumi)

For further inquiry about the show, check the promoter Instagram account @crassrockfestival,  Facebook crassrockfestival and BBM D5F1A414.

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