Achtung! a new power metal festival is coming to Bekasi

Power metal music fans won’t want to miss this new event from A & B Legacy, an event management who will exclusively organize all Indonesian Power Fest Gigs franchise, a series of power metal gigs. The Bekasi Power Fest marks debut for this serial.

Bekasi Power Fest will take place on Sunday, August 6, 2017 at Grand Charly Bekasi Cyber Park, starting from 2 PM until finish. Nine brightest names in current Indonesian power metal scenes will share the stage i.e. Corvus Java, Crystal Dream, Phoenixs, Xovox, Sacred Of Midnight, Parallel, Bunker, Fairy Tales, and FLIM.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: A & B Legacy presents Bekasi Power Fest 

Corpus Java will rock Bekasi Power Fest with vigorous set list from their debut full-length album Chapter One: Forbidden Gate, released in April 2017 by power/thrash metal exclusive label The Interlude Records.

The Cirebon-based power metal act will jam together onstage with Jakarta’s metal veteran Umbra Mortis’ guitarist Ukay Mortis, along with JikunSprain’s frontman Koko Sasongko, and Crystal Dream’s frontwoman Agnes Meghan.

The band was founded in 2015. Current line up comprises Oyif Eduardo Falashi (vocals), Eddy Silva (guitars), Panji Chandra (guitars), Abel (bass), Sandy (keyboards) and Sugandi (drums).

Crystal Dream, another Interlude Records’s artist who listed in the festival roster, just re-released their 2016 sophomore full-length album Reaching the Dream in digital format last June, while their third album is on recording process, scheduled to be released in near future.

Agnes Meghan’s divine voice in previous records, and the band’s exuberant playing, assure the forthcoming album will narcotize power metal music aficionados.

Crystal Dream was founded in 2006 in North Jakarta as Letter from Within. The band dropped Letter from Within a year later and adopted the current name. Although the band has undergone several changes in its lineup,  two original members Imam Agustine Ferdinand (drums) and Rudi ‘Asen’ Sentosa (guitars) remains together along with current band mates Bobby Angga Lesmana (keyboards), Agnes Meghan (vocals), and Ian Gonya (bass).

To date, the band has self-released two full-length albums Diary of Fallen Angel (2013) and Reaching the Dream (2016).


Anto from A & B Legacy in his interview with stated The Indonesian Power Fest Gigs is intended to promote power and speed metal music in Indonesia. The IPF will hold a string of preliminary events in Bekasi, Cirebon and Solo, to precede their large-scale eponymous festival in April 2018.

He added the organization also will organize a talent scout program titled Power Academy, to hunt the power and speed metal new bloods. A compilation album will be granted for Power Academy’s winners.

Indonesian Power Fest Gigs was founded on April 25, 2017. Anto and fellow Badar Power Baruz established A & B Legacy a month after, to organize all IPF events.



Ukay Mortis
Koko Sasongko
Agnes Meghan
Rhona Batosay

On-the-spot ticket is available for IDR 20K. Lucky attendee will get door prize 20 CDs and 2 t-shirts.

Bekasi Power fest is supported by Grand Charly, Interlude Records, Metal United, Rock Radio Live, Bintang, Suara Bekasi, Le Minerale.




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