Japanese death metal unit Clandestined to headline Bintan Memekak 6

The most notorious underground society in Bintan Regency, the Kijang Underground, brings back its charity gig series Bintan Memekak to rock/metal music aficionados in the very island. The sixth installment will be held at Kijang City Walk, Kijang Kota, Bintan Island on Sunday, September 03, 2017.

“Power of Unity” is set for this year’s theme.

Ten noise generators from Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia are scheduled to play at Bintan Memekak 6, featuring Japanese thrash/death metal act Clandestined as the show headliner, along with Explicit, Dethrow (Johor Bahru, Malaysia); Silent Migration (Ipoh, Malaysia); Antologi (Singapore); Zombiesquad, Blood Vomit, Buank Tebiat dan Zion Way (Bintan); and Raja Kapor (Batam).

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Kijang Underground presents Bintan Memekak 6

Japanizu terasu/desu metaru bando Clandestined will hit the road to promote their fifth full-length album Greed of Breed (released August 31, 2016 through the band’s own independent label Busdeath). The South East Asia leg of Greed of Breed Tour 2017 will kick off on September 01 at Rockin Jamms Hall in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, followed by Singapore show at Music Parlour Studio on September 02. The last show in South East Asia will be wrapped at Bintan Memekak 6.

Clandestined was founded in 2009 by Nagoya-origin guitarist Nagahide “Okazzi” Okajima (VOIDD) as his death metal project. He teamed up with former Destrose’s female drummer Mari Kobayashi, guitarist Hiroyuki Suzuki (ex-Dead by Dawn), and female-bassist Shiho, to release debut full-length Amok Saints in Sodom in 2010.

This original lineup also recorded their sophomore album entitled Ruinatics, released in 2011. Mari parted ways with the band due to her commitment with other project Crucified in 2013. Okazzi then recruited his Voidd band-mate drummer Norio Nakano to fill Mari’s shoes. This formation released Clandestined’s next albums Mortal (2013), Angel Despair (2014) and Greed of Breed (2016).

Okazzi is known as co-founder of Nagoya-based thrash/punk veteran Voidd, who has released 5 full-length albums since its inception in 1989.

Singaporean heavy/thrash metal act Antologi is on the eve of releasing their yet to be titled sophomore full-length album. The band has been showcasing a series of recording activities pictures on their Facebook page since January 2017. The new album recording took place at Studio 47, produced & engineered by Nizam Aziz.

Presumably, Bintan Memekak 6 spectators will be given a sneak peek of some of their 8 new tracks from forthcoming album.

Antologi was founded in 2009, and has released debut album Arah Perjalanan in 2012. Current formation consists of Adi Reaper (bass), Load Sham (guitars), Afique Romie (vocals), Suhaimi Hanafi (guitars), and Eddie Fendi (drums).

Ipoh-based hard rock/heavy metal act Silent Migration will showcase some tracks from their upcoming album in front of Bintan extreme music enthusiasts. The album, title unrevealed yet, will be released in 2018.

Silent Migration has resumed their recording sessions after four-year pause in July 2017. It will be their fourth album after EP Silent Migration Live Promo (2009), EP Live Unplugged – Taubat (2009), and EP Seruan Maut (2010), Musik.or.id has learnt.

Founded in 2007, the band now comprises Hambali Bin Mohd Razali (bass), Mustaqim Anuar (vocals, guitars), Muhd Syahir Bin Badrudzaman (guitars), Mohd Firdauz Bin Zulkifli (drums/percussion), and Muhamad Ikhwan Bin Zahuri (drums/percussion).

Another band in Bintan Memekak 6 roster who has been waiting for album launching is Dethrow, a Johor Bahru-based hardcore act. The band Facebook has revealed the album cover arts on August 6, presumably will be released as an eponymous album in near future.

In May 2017, along with fellow JB hardcore Never Ending Threats, Dethrow conducted a mini tour in Indonesia.

Founded in 2012, the band latest lineup consists of Aizat (vocals), Kiexera (guitars), Steve Harris (guitars), Tam (bass) and Wanfisho (drums).

Bintan-based metal act Zombiesquad is considered as veteran in Bintan Memekak gig series due to their recurrent appearances on the gig series since the third edition. Most of its members are part of Kijang Underground Crews.

The band was founded in December 2013 in Kijang. Latest formation comprises frontwoman Ayuki Octarima Ganes, bassist Trauma, drummer Adi and guitarist Heru.

Tanjung Pinang-based reggae band Zion Way probably will be the most laid back performer on Bintan Memekak 6. The band has been enjoying their status as Bintan Island’s most prominent reggae act since their inception in 2012, and reigning most reggae parties in the very island.

Zion Way’s latest known lineup consists of Nuril Hidayat (guitars), Andhika Ocktaviana (drums), Tanjung Kurniawan Nababan (bass), Aexea Kurniawan (guitars), Andy Maviare (vocals, percussion), and Cano (vocals).



ANTOLOGI (Singapore)
EXPLICIT (Johor Bahru MY)
DETHROW (Johor Bahru MY)
ZOMBIESQUAD (Bintan Island)
ZION WAY (Bintan Island)
BLOOD VOMIT (Bintan Island)
RAJA KAPOR (Batam Island)
BUANK TEBIAT (Bintan Island)

Musik.or.id recently conducted an interview with Kijang Underground’s spokespersons Ahmadi R. and Susilo Pra Setiawan. They said Bintan Memekak is a charity gig series, where 10% of band submission fee, and 75% of concert profits, will be donated to orphanages around Kijang.

Kijang Underground was founded in 2012 as Bintan Bawah Tanah by undergrounders from Tanjungpinang, Tanjung Uban, and Kawal, whose mutual goal was to unite all underground societies around Bintan Island. Bintan Bawah Tanah organized their maiden event Bintan Memekak in that year, at Lapangan Relief Antam, Kijang Kota.

In 2013, a new community named Bintan Underground Asociety [sic] was established. To prevent disintegration among Bintan undergrounders due to the new community establishment, both societies agreed to unite Bintan Bawah Tanah and Bintan Underground Asociety [sic] under a new flag: Kijang Underground.

Kijang Underground’s portfolio consists of:

  1. Bintan Memekak #1 “Sama Patut Sama Padan”, 2012, at Lapangan Relief Antam, Kijang Kota
  2. Bintan Memekak #2 “Metal Bintan Perduli”, 2014, at GOR Demang Lebar Daun, Kijang Kota
  3. Bintan Memekak #3 “Kalian Tak Sendiri”, 2015 at GOR Demang Lebar Daun, Kijang Kota
  4. Bintan Memekak #4 “Berdiri Bersama!, 2016 at GOR Demang Lebar Daun, Kijang Kota
  5. Bintan Memekak #5 “Bersatu!”, 2016, at GOR Demang Lebar Daun, Kijang Kota (featuring Siksa Kubur).
  6. Kijang Underground Mini Gigs (2014, 2015, 2016)
  7. From Bintan To Gaza (2014, 2015)
  8. Merah Putih (Upacara 17 Agustus) (2015, 2016)
  9. Bintan Musik Culture Fest (2017)


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