BitterSweet to release debut EP this month

Medan-based indie rock act BitterSweet will release its debut mini album this month. The album features four tracks with love as their main theme.

Friska Mariaty from Golden Gate Publisher in her press release stated it is rare to have band playing this kind of genre in Medan. BitterSweet dares to go against more mainstream music such as pop, dangdut, jazz, and rock, to name a few.

The band has recorded six songs comprise Drapetomania, This One Pretty Liar, Lost, Pure Love, Midnight, and Eastern. Only four songs will be included in EP titled Bipolar Disorder, has learned.

BitterSweet was founded in 2015 as a quintet by a bunch of Law students of North Sumatera University. The oxymoron term was chosen as the band’s name to represent their philosophy: in the search of balanced life, one will experience bitter and sweet. The band has gone through their bitter phase, when their second guitarist departed early this year.

The quartet’s current solid line up consists of Ferri (vocals), Andika (guitars), Satria (bass), and Furqan (drums).

Guitarist Andika expects the mini album will be their stepping stone to be recognized by wider music enthusiasts, especially in Medan.

“First we hope to be soon recognized by Medan people, then go national. If possible, internationally (accepted),” said Andhika.

On the verge of EP release, BitterSweet is still active playing in some gigs in its hometown. Friska said the band will headline a concert in a student Olympiad held by Faculty of Public Health, North Sumatera University on May 20, 2017.



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