Mojokerto to have SiksakubuR headlining Black Generation Party 6

Mojokerto will have SiksakubuR headlining the sixth installment of Black Generation Party, a gig series belongs to Mojokerto Black Conspiracy activists Arise Cavalera, Alexander Johnko and friends under their infamous faux event management company Bakul Kangkung Production.

Nine other sick metal and hardcore acts will share stage with SiksakubuR at Mojokerto Fantastic Park, on Saturday, September 9, 2017 from 6 PM to 10 PM.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Ada SiksakubuR di Black Generation Party 6

At Black Generation Party 6, Indonesian death metal giant SiksakubuR will promote their highly acclaimed album Mazmur:187, released last November by Armstretch Records.

The band just received an accolade in May, at Hammersonic Metal Awards 2017 winning the category of Breakthrough of The Year. The band’s seventh full-length album Mazmur:187, received positive reviews from most music zines and metal enthusiasts.

Since its inception in 1996, SiksakubuR has released 7 full-length albums, 1 EP, and 1 compilation album.

The band current line up consists of Rudy Harijanto (vocals), Andre Marora Tiranda (guitars), Adhitya Perkasa (drums), Ricky Rangga (guitars), and Gilang Pristianto (bass).

Bali death metal act Erupsy will have their set list containing famous track Kontra Agama, an old school death metal alike tune which is favorable among metalheads. Even tough the band has enough materials for an album, only God knows when Erupsy releasing their debut.

Erupsy was founded in 2014 in Gianyar by Rizto Dicky Rahardja (vocals), Alif Nugraha Wiwasa (guitars), I Gusti Bagus Alit Widiarta (guitars) and Yoga (drums). Bassist I Kadek Sudiana joined later. Yoga then left and replaced by Ida Bagus Ananda Adi Swabawa.

Mojokerto-based slamming death metal Death Horizontal is busying themselves to finish debut album, planned to be released by the band’s own label DH Records.

Earlier this year, Death Horizontal just released a promotional CD containing three songs. The band was formed in 2010, and latest formation comprises Fiananta Rengga Audravaldi (vocals), Wahyu Eko Slamet (guitars), Agoes Aya (bass) and drummer Bagus Dwi Prakoso.

Nganjuk-based hardcore act Karma Inggil, will showcase materials from their debut Tertindas Beringas on this occasion. The debut was officially launched at Nganjuk Total Underground 2 on July 30, 2017.

Actually, Tertindas Beringas was released digitally on March 24 last year on the band’s ReverbNation account. To make differed from the digital version, two new songs are added on the physical album version.

Karma Inggil was founded in 2013 by Hariyanto (vocals) after quitting his previous Bandung-based hardcore act Voltus Victim. He met Yogi (guitars), Kukuh (bass), Aldi Krisna Bayu (guitars) and Shandy S Wijaya (drums), and them asked to join force to form a new hardcore band.

Local death metal hero Usus Buntu will bring musics from their promotional CD titled Promo 2017, released independently last March.

Usus Buntu was formed in 2014 by Ago (vocals), Aviv (bass), Dian (guitars) and Wol /(drums).

All female grindcore act from Mojokerto, Tekad will be the most distinctive performer at the very show. Equipped with their own micro-songs, the band is ready to devastate the Black Generation Party 6.

Tekad was established in 2014. The latest lineup comprises Wulan (vocals), Reni (guitars), Maria (drummer), Nysa (bass).

Black Generation Party 6 will be amused by comedy from parody hardcore band from Pasuruan, Erong Farises. The band is known for its humorous Javanese lyrics in their songs.

Founded in 2014, Erong Parises now consists of David (vocals), Fauzi (guitars), Oppy (drums), and Alvin (bass).



MODOL MOROT (Mojokerto)
TEKAD (Mojokerto)
USUS BUNTU (Mojokerto)
TO DIE WITH US (Jombang)
LEGIONS OF ANGEL (Lamongan, Ghotic black metal)

Ticket will be sold for IDR 25K at the venue entrance.

For further inquiry about the show, you may contact Alexnder Johnko at 085748374664


Arise Cavalera in his last interview with disclosed the fictitious name Bakul Kangkung Production being used in organizing the show, is for fun purposes only.

Black Generation Party gig series had its maiden stage on March 28, 2015. The gig was intended to be a bimonthly gig franchise.

The second installment was held on May 01, 2015, followed by the third edition on July 25 that year. The fourth issue took place on November 7, 2015.

After a short period of pause, on 2 April 2016, BGP #5 was organized at its regular venue the Mojokerto Fantastic Park, Benteng Pancasila Mojokerto.

The Mojokerto Black Conspiracy was declared on 30 January 2011 by three underground legionnaires Alexander Johnko, Arise Cavalera and Arap Pat Nggenah. The latter is drummer of Mojokerto-based brutal death metal act Range of Mutilated, a veteran band in East Java extreme music spectrum. The fourth guy Untung Sitanggang joined the company during the third installment. The squad survives until now and active in organizing some local events e.g. bimonthly-metal-gig Black Generation Party; charity concerts; and music shows in Mojokerto’s Car Free Night, co-organized with Mojokerto Police Department.


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