Bless the Knights to release 2 new singles with new frontman

After trying out several vocalists this entire year, Jakarta-based modern progressive metal act Bless the Knights are ready to break the wall and surprise the local metal scene, especially the Indonesian Underground metal market.

Bless the Knights will release 2 promotional singles soon, and have been producing their brand new album, scheduled to be released this year end with brand new and fiery formation. Former Bleeding Warrior’s frontman Raditya Pratama has joined the lads replacing former vocalist Berry Heyder, who parted ways with the band due to his scheduling conflicts with the third album recording sessions.

The band manager, Hendrix Diablo spoke about the new frontman. He said Raditya was introduced when the band headlining Madiun Super Squad on July 8, 2017, followed by topped bill Bekasi Metal Troops at Grand Charly Bekasi Cyber Park, July 16, 2017.

With Bleeding Warrior, Raditya had released singles Requiem For Massacre and Romusha, to name a few. Current drummer Opick played in the same band with Raditya before joining the Bless the Knight in April.

On April 9, 2017, Bless the Knights just knighted Their Majesty’s two new Knights: frontman Berry Heyder and drummer Opic, at the band’s 2nd anniversary party at Waroeng Deebong, East Jakarta. On that occasion the band also gave a sneak peek of new song titled Dunamous. 

Dunamous marks the new production of their third full-length album.

Bless the Knight was founded as Blitzkrieg in 2009 by guitarist Fritz Faraday (written in style of mrfritzfaraday). In 2010, Blitzkrieg released its full-length debut album The Energy of Anger. During the second album titled Bless The Knights’ pre-production, they dropped Blitzkrieg as the band’s name since there have been various bands shared similar name. On April 7, 2015 the band officially christened Bless the Knights as its new name.

The latest formation consists of mrfritzfaraday (guitars/vocals), Raditya Pratama (vocals), Olgie Alvianus (guitars) and Opick (drums).

For more info and booking, the management can be reached at 08128209274 or BBM DAD4478A.



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