BLESS THE KNIGHTS celebrates its 2nd anniversary


Artikel mengenai event ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di link berikut: Konser ulang tahun BLESS THE KNIGHTS dirayakan bersama Corporation of Bleeding, Gore Infamous, dkk


To commemorate its second anniversary, Tangerang-based modern progressive metal act BLESS THE KNIGHTS throws a birthday concert on Sunday, April 9, 2017 at Waroeng Deebong, Jl. Kayu Putih Raya No.1, RW.16, Kayu Putih, Pulo Gadung, East Jakarta.

Seven fellow well-established metaller units will pay their homage by sharing the stage with Bless the Knights starting at 6:30 PM.  They are Corporation of Bleeding, Gore Infamous, Paper Gangster, Anastasya, Stand Point, Lastblood and Feels.

Hendrix from Predator Productions spoke to about the show. He said the show marks the existence of Bless the Knights in metal music world.

He stated in the very show the band will announce the plan of their upcoming album and will officiate two new ‘knights’. Frontman Berry Heyder and drummer Opic will be officially knighted  as their permanent members and partaking in Bless the Knights’ future third album. Both has been working with the band since 2016, replacing original members Novy Rock and Rizki Lasma, respectively.

Hendrix disclosed the set list that will be performed by Bless the Knights tonite:

1. Bless the Knights
2. Koboy Ngungsi
3. Hell is the Best Place for You
4. Surrounded by Idiots
5. You’ve Created Your Own Monster
6. Dunamous (new single)

Bless the Knight was founded as Blitzkrieg in 2009 by guitarist Mr Fritz Faraday. In 2010, Blitzkrieg released its full-length debut album The Energy of Anger. During the second album titled Bless The Knights’ pre-production, they dropped Blitzkrieg as the band’s name since there have been various bands shared similar name. On April 7, 2015 the band officially christened Bless the Knights as its new name.

The latest formation consists of mrfritzfaraday (guitars/vocals), Berry Heyder (vocals), Olgie Alvianus (guitars) and Opick (drums).

Bless the Knight 2nd anniversary poster


BLESS THE KNIGHTS (modern prog. metal)
(death metal)
(Bandung, death metal)
(Subang, Gothic metal)
(death metalcore)
(post hardcore)

Jakarta well-known metal concert announcer, MC Allay Error will host the birthday concert.

The show is free and for the first 150 concert attendees, Bless the Knight will give guitar plectrums, stickers and posters. So, don’t be late!!!

For further information about the show, you may call  08128209274 or BBM 5edeb600.

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