Brutal Infection announces signing of Singaporean death metal act Nafrat

Jakarta-based independent record company Brutal Infection Records announced they have added Singapore-based death metal band Nafrat to their roster. The label’s owner Alfan Afero posted in his Facebook account today about the signing:

“Hailcome to Brutal infection..
Nafrat – Band Page
(Singapore Death metal)
Cek preview :
Formed in 2003.
Released 2 EP(s)
in 2005, “Chaos Unleashed”
and “Invoking The Masses”

Released debut full-length CD “Through Imminent Visions” under Vrykoblast Productions (Singapore) in 2008.
The band has performed shows throughout Asia mainly Indonesia, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Taiwan and are looking forward to release a new album in 2017 with hopes to spread their music further.The band has played opening acts to the likes of Obscura, Misery Index and Cannibal Corpse in South-East Asia.
The new tracks recorded in Singapore at the band’s personal studio.”


Brutal Infection will release Nafrat’s upcoming full-length album titled Abnegation.

In August 2016, Nafrat revealed their upcoming album’s cover art in its Facebook fan page, designed by renowned Swedish artist Par Olofsson.

Nafrat stated in January 2017, their mixing and mastering process were going well and  pleased with the outcome so far. In February, they shared a preview from new track  “Purify Lest Decay” and the upcoming album title was revealed.

Now the band consist of Han Shah (vocals/guitars), Iskandar Zul (guitars), Firdaus Kader (bass) and Asmat Tarmimi (drums & percussions).

Check the band’s bio excerpt from their official fan page:

2003. That was the year where it all came together for 4 individuals who wanted to ply their trade in the Singapore Metal scene, a small yet thriving community that has birthed a pool of extreme bands in the region. Farhan Jumaat, Asmat Tarmimi, Iskandar Zul and Han Shah started the early days of the band playing music hugely influenced by the likes of Morbid Angel, Slayer and many more. The old-school influence of metal were apparent in Nafrat’s initial work and soon embarked a style of blackened-thrash music, which the band adopted positively.

Having played a couple of shows with that direction, being young and driven, Nafrat wanted to explore the depths of extreme deathmetal music with an opened mind. In 2005, the demo “Chaos Unleashed” was released and received positive reviews throughout the region which spurred the band to work on the sophomore EP “Invoking The Masses” that same year. Being youths definitely took a toll on the band’s progress as
each of the members had to go through National Service which then sparked departures of its members. Despite having to deal with numerous line-up changes in the bass department, the core members, Farhan Jumaat (Vocals), Asmat Tarmimi
(Drums), Iskandar Zul (Guitars) and Han Shah (Guitars) went on to record “Through Imminent Visions”, the first full-length album at Inversion Studios. With Cedric Chew (Meza Virs) at the helm of production and engineering, Nafrat signed a deal with Vrykoblast Productions and released “Through Imminent Visions” worldwide in 2008. Midway through the promotional shows for the album, Nafrat parted ways with Farhan Jumaat, having the vocal duties filled by Sethra. Yath(Deathlord) joined in as the band needed a live bassist for the supporting shows. The album landed Nafrat shows in Malaysia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Taiwan to name a few. Due to unforeseen circumstances and commitment issues, the band parted ways with Yath and Sethra. Eager to move on with the new material and recordings, Nafrat had Cedric Chew to fill in vocal duties as they had maintained a good working relationship during TIV(Through Imminent Visions). Firdaus Kader was recruited on bass soon after and Nafrat had the opportunity to play supporting acts to the likes of Misery Index, Obscura and Cannibal Corpse. Those events had opened doors for Nafrat to continue making deathmetal music with a modern approach which hopefully, transcends through time and era.In 2016, the band parted ways with Cedric Chew. Han Shah stepped up to fill in for vocals instead. Nafrat is in the midst of completing its new album and is looking forward to release it this 2017.


Photo source: Nafrat Fanpage

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