Bukittinggi’s Cipotok to release EP Disasters of Sexual Deviation

Bukittinggi-based slamming gore grind act Cipotok will release a new EP next July. The mini album titled Disasters of Sexual Deviation is guaranteed containing strong language that would keep it out of most ‘decent’ stores.

Guitarist Arize Claudio Pratama who wrote all the lyrics stated the album is voicing the band’s concern about current situation where there are so many sexual abuses and assaults, and deviant sexual behaviors, happened in their society.

Arize explained the album is quiet different from previous full-length album The Final Level of Satisfaction of Lust who incorporated inhale vocal technique. The current works utilizes exhale/guttural style in slamming nuance.

The band recorded EP Disasters of Sexual Deviation at Rendi Records Home Studio in neighbor city Padang Panjang, one-hour driving from Bukit Tinggi. The recording sessions began in last December and finished in April 2017.

The new EP marks a big changing in the band’s line up, since all members of Cipotok but Arize have quit due to their commitment at works. The current line up consists of Augri Dewanda (vocals), Arize Claudio Pratama (guitarist), Dio Fajrian (bass) and Irvhan Utama Putra (drums).

The previous formation who worked for album The Final Level of Satisfaction of Lust consisted of Jorgi Sebastian (bass), Riki Sanders (vocals), Arize (guitars) and Septian (drums).

The album cover art is designed by Payakumbuh-based artist Dawek Kasek Art. EP Disasters of Sexual Deviation will be released by the guitarist’s independent label Croothead Records.

Track List:

  1. Into (Disaster of Sexual Deviation)
  2. Suffering a Prostitute
  3. Bunuh & Mutilasi Homo Sexual
  4. Fantasy Psychopath
  5. Pedofil

Cipotok was formed in 2012 by Septian (vocals), Antoni Argo (drums), Alan Aulia Hafiz (guitars) and Arize Claudio P (bass). To date, it has released one full-length album The Final Level of Satisfaction of Lust (2014) and two split albums Kukertank/Cipotok (2013, released by Gerbang Graffiti) and Offensive Grind Destroyer (2014, released by French’s Inhuman Homicide Records).


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