Cassandra releases debut album Sistematis Manipulasi

Magelang witnessed the release of death metal act Cassandra‘s first full-length album Sistematis Manipulasi, Monday, July 17, 2017. The launch party took place at Inzome Pro Music Studio and Coffee Bar, Jambewangi, Secang, Magelang, Central Java, starting from 8PM to 12 PM

On the stage, the band was accompanied by fellow Magelang bands like Fornicara, Fear Hell, Rambut Sapitu and Crush Death.

Artikel mengenai pesta peluncuran album ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Cassandra luncurkan debut album Sistematis Manipulasi

A “slametan ceremony” was held by cutting cone-shaped rice dish Nasi Tumpeng, marked the official launch of the album.

Guitarist Anugerah Widi Putranto from Magelang-based metalcore unit Darkside,  produced, engineered, mixed and mastered the whole 9 heavy tracks in his R Home Recording.

Cassandra’s co-founder/guitarist Dwi Chandra in his recent interview with disclosed about the recording process. He said all tracks were initially written by drummer Abaz Hadi Baskoro and frontman Sigit Widhiyanto. The band entered R Home Recording and commenced their debut project in February 2016 and finished the recording session in May 2017.

“We recorded guitars, bass, and vocals at R Home Recording, and for drums live recording, we tapped at Bluezone Studio,” said Chandra.

The band employed Kuningan-based illustrator Tata of Kumislizer Artwork to design the cover art.

Last February, Cassandra released single Sistematis Manipulasi to precede future debut album with the same title.

Founded in 2016, Cassandra’s initial line up consisted of Sigit Widhiyanto(vocals), Dwi Candra (guitars), Adi (guitars), Machin Musyafak (bass) and Abaz Hadi Baskoro (drums). Adi quit the band subsequently and replaced by David Amb.

Track listing

  1. Ideologi Busuk
  2. Hukum Tanpa Pengadilan
  3. Sistematis Manipulasi
  4. Ambisi Provokasi
  5. Bakar Raga
  6. Neger Belantara
  7. Tangis dan Darah
  8. Skema Bencana
  9. Genosida Moral


Sigit Widhiyanto – vocals
Dwi Candra – guitars
David Amb – guitars
Machin Musyafak – bass
Abaz Hadi Baskoro – drums

Anugerah Widi Putranto – produced, engineered, mixed and mastered
Tri Ang – advisor
Tata of Kumislizer Artwork – cover arts


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