Cempaka Bawah Tanah Extreme Fest #2

Following last year’s initial success show, the Cempaka Bawah Tanah gig now has become an annual. The second installment will be held on Sunday, July 2, 2017 at Outdoor Hall – Cempaka Rice Huller, Jalan Raya Desa Cempaka, Bumijawa sub-district, Tegal Regency, Central Java.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Fan metal Tegal siap bergembira di Cempaka Bawah Tanah Extreme Fest #2

Twenty five enthused bands will share the stage and pepping up the metal aficionados from around Tegal Regency to burn their energy. Progressive death metal act from Jakarta, Krematist  and Bogor-based grindcore act Baby Frog are scheduled to headline the show.

In Cempaka Bawah Tanah Extreme Fest #2, Krematist will introduce their new drummer Shandy Syam from Sine Anima, who has stepped in to fill the position that vacant after previous drummer Yugo left the band for undisclosed reason in March 2017. The band will showcase tracks from their latest studio album Bangkai Bumi, released in October 2016 by MoonRat Production, a Jakarta-based independent record company.

Krematist was formed in February 2011 by KRANDAMAYAT’s guitarist and bassist, Suharyono Herlambang and Sonny Sumbogo, respectively, BURIAL’s frontman Phuput and DEMON PRISON’s drummer Uya. To date, they have released one eponymous EP in 2012 and a full-length album titled Bangkai Bumi in 2016.

The latest formation consists of Ade Hidayat (vocals), Suharyono Herlambang (guitars),  Sonny Sumbogo (bass), Arif Dawen (guitars), and Shandy Syam (drums).

Baby Frog’s set list will comprise some songs from their 18 short-length tracks (some of them are microsongs) which listed in their debut studio album Politik Bullshit, released independently on November 23, 2016.

The quartet consists of Egi Sanjaya (vocals), Efendi Rohman (drums), Isal (guitars) and Lucky (bass), was founded on December 23, 2015. Beside the studio album, the band also released a split album with fellow town mate grindcore unit Amunisi titled Grinding Together – Split EP, released by Congor Rebel Records on May 20, 2016.

The band is working on their latest project 2017 promotional album, the official Facebook said on May 3, 2017.

Art Generation of Symphonic Estetica is a milestone for Agnostica, a symphonic black metal band from
Kemranjen, Banyumas, Central Java, who also will play in Cempaka Bawah Tanah Extreme Fest 2. The 2016 studio album, released by their own label CTHM Record, fulfilled the band’s longing for a big achievement since its inception in 2003.

After several line up changing, Agnostica is survived by original members Ade Pramhell (guitars) and Azev (keyboards), with helps from additional players Rachmat Wahyudin (guitars), Achmad Wahib Najib (bass) and Safri Akhadul Fajri (drums).

With its original members, Agnostica released EP Senja Dalam Pusaran Hitam in 2011.

Brutal death metal band from Pemalang, Amborsine is the fest’s veteran. The band co-headlined last year’s issue along with Disgusting Castigation, Bromo and Komath, to name a few. Amborsine will play songs from EP Born to Fucking Slam (released in April 2016) and maybe some new materials.

The band was established in 2013 by Evhanz (bass), Kiki (drums), Aly (guitars), and Ahong (vocals).


Junaedy from Cempaka Underground Community, the gig’s owner spoke to www.Musik.or.id about the show. He said the first edition was held at the same venue on July 12, 2016 under Ramset Merch’s flag, a company owned by Junaedy.

The society was founded in 1998 by Junaedy and some fellow village mates. But, active in organizing gigs in last three years.

The extreme fest aims to strengthen the relationship among the metalheads from the village.


AGNOSTICA (Banyumas)
MISTIS (Wonosobo)
AMBORSINE (Pemalang)
LIBRIS (Tegal)
KEMBANG CEMPAKA (Bumijawa, Tegal)
DARK LINE (Bumijawa, Tegal)
DEAD VIOLENCE (Bumijawa, Tegal)
ANGKER (Bumiayu, Tegal)
HISTORY OF HUMAN (Sirampog, Brebes)
PATIMURA (Bumiayu, Tegal)
KAFFRAH (Margasari, Tegal)
KOLERA (Bumiayu, Tegal)
SLAVES DICK (Pemalang)
PEJARATAN (Bumiayu, Tegal)
FATAL ENERGY (Bumijawa, Tegal)

The ticket will be sold for IDR 30K.

This event is supported by Ramset Merch. Limited Blasting Production, Extreme Minute, Dekan Art, Syndrome Acute Scream Printing, Pasdop, Ismet Guitar Custom, Jalmoro Cutting Sticker, Es Teh Metal, Dukuh Tengah Underground, and Bumi Jawa Underground.


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