Infamy releases music video for Constant Paranoia, preceding 3rd album Harum Scarum

Bandung-based technical death metal act INFAMY has released new official video for Constant Paranoia, a single taken from their forthcoming album entitled Harum Scarum.

Harum Scarum is the third full-length album for the band since its inception in 1994, set to be released on August 18, 2017 through Bandung’s independent record company Ocean Flames Records.

The video was uploaded on August 13, 2017 by the record company on their Youtube channel.

Djenty poly-meter track Constant Paranoia music video shows the band in two scenes, the one with white tees, heads down and facing the camera, and another one showing the band playing music in a darkened room. The white tees scene incorporates some added-later pyro effect.

When the song reaches refrain part, frontman Andrie Metaldear’s aggressive growl and shouts changing into more clean voice. This part shows hands reaching out behind the singer.

The music video was directed by M. Rivan “Ririp” Fauzan, owner of Patheticut Recording and Ocean Flames Records, who also produced the album. Fellow label-mate Septian “Tejo” Yusuf, guitarist of Octopus, credited for cinematography and editing. The production also employed Mas Joko, another cinematographer.

The filming location took place at Escape Studio, Kosambi Bandung on 3rd of June 2017. Septian Yusuf finished the editing on July 28, 2017.

Based on what we have in this video, Infamy’s Harum Scarum will be very promising. Catch more articles about Infamy at


Infamy was founded in 1994 in Bandung. To date, the band has released a debut eponymous full-length album (2004), and sophomore full-length album entitled Hatremonial in 2010. Two official videos to support Hatremonial for singles Blind Illusion and The Last Pray released in 2013.

Last formation comprises Andri (vocals), Ajie (guitars), Ricky (guitars), Ghea Ghufroni (bass), and Ilham Permana (drums).

Watch the video below:


Director: M. Rivan “Ririp” Fauzan for Ocean Flames Records
Editor: Septian Yusuf
Cinematographer: Septian Yusuf & Joko
Lighting: Arief
Recorded at Patheticut Recording Studio

Filming location: Escape Studio, Bandung

The band:

Andri – vocals
Ajie – guitars
Ricky – guitars
Ghea – bass
Ilham – drums

Constant Paranoia

Anxiety a malicious monster
Unknown terror dance of wonder
Painpul surge of nervous elation

Shapeless fear,so vivid
Composed by unending solitude
Seductive whisper gleamed
The pendulum of mind flawed…flawed ..

Amused by the cryptic voices
Lost in the maze of thoughts
Cell by cell,the agony echoes
Lamenting the death of a soul

Betrayed… by …emotion…

Forced to declare useless prayers
No light…no hope…left and decayed…
No life…

Nightmare slid in through the crack
Between the wounds of these blinded eyes

No light…no hope…left and decayed…

Cold and fear…
In such constant paranoia



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