Croxous Invasion Tour 2017 hits Tangerang this Saturday

ErasedMusic will host Tangerang date of Invasion Tour 2017, a tour conducted by Jakarta-based black/thrash metal band Croxous to support its latest album Panas Besi Api.

After the cancellation of Surabaya show, TANGERANG INVASI TOUR 2017 becomes the first date for Croxous in this year’s tour.

The concert will take place on Saturday, August 19, 2017 at Route 55 Cafe CBD Ciledug, Tangerang, starting 3 PM to 11 PM. Sixteen bands from around Ciledug, an area that colloquially known as the capital city of metal in Tangerang City, Banten, will accompany and pay their homage to Croxous.

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Within the limits of the concert, a fundraising to support people of Palestine will be held. Spectators can participate the social cause by donating their money through available collection box/buckets.

Emcee Yayan Blox-M will host the show. Ticket + CD + a cup of coffee can be purchased for IDR 50K.

After the Tangerang date, Invasion Tour 2017 will hit Sukabumi on August 27, 2019.


In recent conversation with, co-founder/frontman Bada Riyadi told the band will commence to work on fifth album after the tour finished. On July 29, Croxous official Facebook revealed their fifth album will be entitled Perang Kota.

Panas Besi Api, the band’s fourth album, was launched in a party on May 12, 2017 at JK7 Bar & Club, Arion Swiss Belhotel, Kemang, South Jakarta. Croxous introduced their new drummer Bono (ex-AAARGHHH) in the occasion, ended their journey as duo. Previously the band was endured by Bada Riyadi (vocals, guitars) and Ujang (guitars). Bada will play bass guitar during live performance.

Croxous was founded in 1999, and to date they have released Prisai Badai (2004), 13th Agresy War Against Satan(2012), Lahar Panas (2014) and Panas Besi Api (2017).





Death metal veteran from Jakarta KATARAK is rarely heard through these years. Their appearance in this concert is precious for anyone who fond of Indonesian style of death metal/ death grind.

The band was founded in 1996 by Mala (drums), Panji (guitars) and Hidayat (vocals). Katarak has released high-acclaimed portfolio comprises debut Trapped Under Shade of Cataract Evil Spirit (released in 2001 by Edelweiss Records), and full-length albumm Ajaran Sesat (2007, Disembowel Records).

Latest known formation consists of Mala (drums), Panji (guitars) and Opay (vocals).

Grunge aficionados has been waiting for the host of this concert, Tangerang-based grunge/metal veteran NIR-X, to release their third album. Their latest single Kitab Selaksa Makna is enough to make fans cannot hardly wait to hear more materials from the forthcoming album.

Presumably, the spectators of Tangerang Invasion Tour 2017 will be given sneak peek of NIR-X latest works.

NIR-X was founded in 1999 in Jakarta and has released EP Waktu Indonesia Grunge in 2001 and full-length album entitled ROEM E-SA via frontman/guitarist Rhendra’s ErasedMusic in 2013.

Recent known lineup consists of Rhendra (vocals, guitars), Lutfi (guitars), Febby Anggoro Ramadhan (drums) and Dion (bass).

Tangerang-based death metal ATROCIOUS will introduce new frontman and drummer at the occasion, after Eka Pratama and Selvianus parted ways with the band, founder/guitarist Anton Setyo announced on his Facebook.

Atrocious is on the eve of releasing sophomore album entitled Mental Disorder anytime soon through Ciledug-based DG Records. Eka and Selvianus departures presumably won’t let down the mighty Atrocious.

The band was founded in 2012 by Anton and has released first album Revenge of Killer via Grind Life Records in December 2015. Latest lineup consists of Anton Setyo (guitars) and Abby Mohas (bass).

Tangerang Invation Tour 2017 will be the best chance for hardcore fans who longing for Sheila Nurwinda’s attractive performance and kittenish voice, to see and to mosh with Tangerang’s hardcore veteran JD.AL-DAER.

Frontwoman Sheila will rock the stage with her true mates guitarist Bugiel and drummer Utun, playing their popular songs from debut The Life That I Can’t Have ( released in 2004 by Edelweiss Production).

Founded in 1998 in Balaraja, Tangerang, JD.AL-DAER once suffered career setback due to the members commitment in works and studies, causing the delay of new materials-writing for their second album, until now.

Gore Animal will play in front of its neighborhood supporters. The death metal veteran from Ciledug, Tangerang. was established in 1996 by the late Aziz Kupak (vocals), Kepun (guitars), Abbi (bass, see Atrocious), and Yanto (drums). There is no original members in the latest line up, since the last survived co-founder Aziz demised in 2004.

Guitarist Andry Garcia who joined the last Aziz’s Gore Animal formation, re-established the band in 2015 with Nior (drums). Drop’s bassist Raden Aces joined a year later. The band employs Kuple from Embryllium as their current frontman.

Gore Animal has released a promotional CD in 2015 and been working for future full-length album.


For more information about this tour, Croxous can be reached at 089604764147 (phone/WA) and email For recent updates, follow their Instagram accounts @croxous_official and

This tour is supported by No Label Records, Gerilya Magazine, Air Magazine, Ghea Music Studio, Magazine,, Demajors Radio, IRS Radio, Studio 29, Patblas Merch, Trueless Merch., Yayan Lapak Merch., and Grindlife Records.


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