Cultural to showcase latest album Ada dan Tiada at Citraland Mall concert

Semarang-based Gothic metal band Cultural will showcase latest album Ada dan Tiada at a free solo concert on Friday afternoon, June 9, 2017 at Citraland Mall Basement, Jl. Simpang Lima No. 1, Pekunden, Semarang, Central Java. The concert will kick off at 2 PM.

Ada dan Tiada is a third full-length album for Cultural since its inception in 2003. The album was officially released last January, preceded by an unveiling-new-materials-concert in Grand Charly Semarang, on December 18, 2016.

Founder/guitarist Cahyo Sulistyo in his interview with revealed the recording session took only three months last year at Strato Studio Semarang. Cahyo who wrote all tracks also produced Ada dan Tiada with his label CB Production. The studio’s in-house engineer Pepen Mamen recorded the album.

Cultural teamed up for three consecutive times with renown song-writer, arranger, and studio engineer Nabhan Irfani to mix and master Ada dan Tiada at Studio 96 Jakarta. Nabhan also worked for the band’s previous two albums. Cover album was designed by Sang Saka.

Five songs consist of Ada dan Tiada, Selamanya, Sadness, Hidup tak Selamanya Indah, dan Kau yang telah Pergi were initially written by Cahyo, talks about an imagination of one who has gone away and disappeared, but her/his presence remains in mind.

The third album marks the arrival of new vocalist Michelle Asmeralda, replacing singer Dypta who had fronted Cultural since 2008 and had pivotal role in helping the band building strong sound character in their second album Hidup Tak Selamanya Indah. Dypta left the band to focus in her study.

Cultural was formed in 2003 by Histeria’s lead guitarist Cahyo and fellow rhythm guitarist Anthony. The twosome hijacked No Life’s frontwoman Wahyu, and recruited bassist Sanwar, and drummer Wahyu Utomo. The initial formation released full-length debut album Siksa Yang Kekal in 2003.


The current formation consists of Cahyo Sulistyo (guitars), Michelle Asmaralda (vocals), Anthony (guitars), Sanwar (bass), Wahyu Utomo (drums) and Athif (keyboards).

The concert is held by Sivex Artist Management and supported by CB Production, CB Music Studio, and Citraland Mall.


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