Deadsquad parts with last Hellcrust connection

Deadsquad’s former Alan Musyfia

Deadsquad drama lingers on. After losing its drummer and original member Andyan Gorust on February 8, bassist Arslan “Alan” Musyfia now quit after exact three years joining, and recording the band’s highly praised latest album Tyranation.

Alan announced his departure in his Instagram account alanmusyifa “Starting March 2, 2017, I’m not part of DEADSQUAD anymore. Thank you for trusting me TYRANATION. Hail Pasukan Mati! Salamaut!”

Pasukan Mati is the name affectionately given to Deadsquad fans, and Salamaut is the new way for Hellcrust hailing its fans, regarding to their latest album Kalamaut.

Speaking to, Friday (3/3), Alan disclosed the reason behind his departure was because he was told to choose, regarding his existences in Hellcrust and Deadsquad.

“I opt for Hellcrust because before joining Deadsquad, I had been there, and I don’t have any strong reason to leave Hellcrust,” said Alan.

When asked who’s in Deadsquad told him to choose, Alan answered, “It’s Stevi himself.”

He stated his involvement in both bands was not significant since he would decide to play with Deadsquad whenever they had a schedule conflict and finding a substitute for Hellcrust.


When Andyan left the Deadsquad, it just seemed like a common scene we see everyday when a musician quit his/her band. What broke our heart was Andyan’s playing just so perfect with the band, and perception of  Deadsquad was radically altered. Thing will be never be the same after his quit. Still, it is not an interesting subject to debate for more than a week, or not worthy enough to grieve eternally.

But, when Alan follows Andyan’s foot step parting a way with Deadsquad, it becomes very intriguing. A million questions pop up.  Alan came to Deadsquad from Hellcrust to fill the magnificent Bonny Sidartha’s shoe, who left the band in March 2014. Like Andyan, he shared his time with Hellcrust during his tenure with Deadsquad. Now, both are becoming full time in Hellcrust again. Isn’t it a big coincidence happened by this Hellcrust connection?

According to his exclusive interview with Rollingstone (02/9), Andyan resigned due to irreconcilable differences with Deadsquad. He said he had been trying not to quit for a year, before he took the bitter decision.

Alan gave his support through his Instagram a day after Andyan resignation: “No matter what happens, I’m so proud of you, as my music partner, as my big bro and everything. Keep turn on the life machine and let’s hitting the stage together“.

Founder and guitarist Stevie Item to Rollingstone (2/10) stated Andyan’s departure did not shock him since he threatened to quit more than one time and he seemed not total for Deadsquad, even before the Horror Vision (Deadsquad’s 2009 debut). Stevie wondered what kept Andyan staying for that long.

Upon Andyan’s departure, Deadsquad subsequently began auditioning for a new drummer. Participants were asked to send their video playing three Deadsquad’s songs i.e “Patriot Moral Prematur”, “Anatomi Dosa”, and “Manufaktur Replika Baptis” to The audition session will be closed on March 5, 2017.

While the drummer audition was far from its deadline, frontman Daniel Mardhany spoke to Rolling Stone Indonesia (2/21) that he had already found who would be their future drummer among the audition participants. He said he knew the guy since his junior high school. His band frequently shared the same stage with Abolish Conception, Daniel’s previous band since 2002. He added he knew the guy inside out and he’s OK with the guy’s attitude. They even listen to the same “strange” music beside death metal.

Daniel disclosed his new drummer criteria: “Beside the (drumming) skills, I require attitude and must come from a scene. Then must be easy to hang out with. Supposing after having a gig, he’s just not subsequently back home [laughs]”.



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