Dinasti Hitam presents RANAH SAWIT MAMAKAK 4

Artikel mengenai even ini di dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: RANAH SAWIT MAMAKAK 4 akan memekakkan Pasaman Barat


West Pasaman citizen will enjoy the fourth installment of RANAH SAWIT MAMAKAK, this Saturday, April 22, 2017 at Meuligoe Batang Toman, Simpang Ampek, West Pasaman, West Sumatera.

The event collective who owns the gig series, Dinasti Hitam, will present eighteen bands from that area and Padang, the capital city of West Sumatera Province.

Three prominent metal acts from Padang will headline the very show i.e. blackmetallers IFRID and SIJUNDAI,  and brutal death metal unit SADISTIC TORTURE.

Six black metal lords who dwell in IFRID are coming back to their native hell ground, a place where they were conceived in 2003.

Bassist Anton Abenk, the sole survivor of the founding triumvirate, will take Def Filth (drums), Ghazi Evige Morke (guitars), Devampire (vocals), Ridho Barbariant (guitars), and Gie Black War (keyboards) to accompany him in a journey to the West Pasaman under-world.

Ifrid relocated to Padang from West Pasaman in 2006.

West Sumatera-based black metal veteran SIJUNDAI undoubted will bring their infamous dark aura to blacken the West Pasaman atmosphere. Padang under-world lord Ir Sijundai will cast his black magic spell to the West Pasaman metal music enthusiasts.

RANAH SAWIT MAMAKAK 4 will be another warm-up event for SADISTIC TORTURE in the dawn of their first album release. South Jakarta-based independent record company Funtech Production will launch the brutal death metal unit’s upcoming debut album anytime soon this year.

Frontman Kenny Adam Lintang, guitarist Ulil Amri, bassist  Ronald and drummer Hefri Wendi will showcase songs from their Promo 2016 album, released by Endless Torture Records last September.

Www.Musik.or.id conducted two separate interviews with Dinasti Hitam’s activists Hendro Saputra and Afdhal Maulana. Hendro is guitarist of Dosa Mayat, and Afdhal is Symphony Ov Himeros‘s bassist. Both black metal bands are listed in the event roster. They talked about the society and their activities.

Ranah Sawit Mamakak was held for the first time on January 28, 2012 at Hall Maharani, Simpang Ampek. Followed by the second installment a year later at PMI Building, Padang Tujuh. The third edition was organized in 2014 at Tuah Basamo Building, Simpang Ampek.

This year’s issue marks the Dinasti Hitam’s flagship event resurrection.

This gig series aims to encourage West Pasaman youngster to get involve in arts sector, to prevent them from doing bad things such as drugs abuse, illegal road race, and other “teenage riot acts”. The society attends to fake negative stereotype of  underground music in West Pasaman.

Hendro cited the main problem in setting up the gig is the lack of support from the Regency administration. He said it’s very hard to get event permit and financial support from the local authority. He assumes the West Pasaman administration doesn’t want the underground societies to be developed.

Afdhal explained Ranah Sawit Mamakak means a noisy gig held in a palm plantation area. West Pasaman’s today important commodity is crude palm oil.

Dinasti Hitam was established in 2003 by metal music connoisseurs in West Pasaman. Ifrid’s Anton Abenk was one of the founding members.

To date, they have organized gigs like Underground Bersatu (2008), Dinasti Hitam Bangkit (2012) and the gig series Ranah Sawit Mamakak (since 2012).

Besides the music concerts, they also organize social activities such as annual Ifthar with orphans, Food not Bomb (a charity event to benefit poverty-stricken people with food), blood donations, etc.



IFRID (Padang)
TOTAL CADAS (Pasaman Barat)
DOSA MAYAT (Pasaman Barat)
TINJU API HC (Pasaman Barat)
SEXTOR 8 (Pasaman Barat)
SAYETH THE LORD (Pasaman Barat)
HATE ATTACK (Pasaman Barat)
RADIKAL (Pasaman Barat)
MOSS HEAD HC (Pasaman Barat)
KORBAN JIWA (Pasaman Barat)
ARENA 18 (Pasaman Barat)
KUMAT (Pasaman Barat)


Ticket will be sold at the venue entrance for IDR 15K. The organizer also releases an official event t-shirt for IDR 110K.

For further inquiry about the show you may contact Afdhal at BBM d4f70e9f, Hendro at  081364227423, and Qadri at BBM  d1113612. This year’s edition of Ranah Sawit Mamakak’s design layout was illustrated by Yogi Izoneil.



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