DJIN returns with new lyric video Phase 2: Lucid Interception

Medan-based technical death metal act DJIN is back! The band has published a lyric video for single Phase 2: Lucid Interception, on Friday, July 28, 2017. Their Youtube channel says the track is taken from the upcoming second album, tentatively titled Hyper Brain.

This is the band’s first major work after their 2012 high-acclaimed debut full-length album The Era of Destruction.

On May 16 this year, their Facebook page showed the band rehearsing a new song, presumably Phase 2: Lucid Interception. On May 20, Facebook revealed Odenk Marja was having a drum recording session at Ganagi Studio, Medan.

The band submitted a late post and uploaded a picture on June 22, showing David and Chico with Pargochy’s guitarist Irink Siallagan and his family. The post revealed DJIN recorded bass and guitars at Irink’s IRIS Home Studio in Siantar on Monday, June 19, 2017.

The late post said: “After the guitars & bass recording session at IRIS Home Studio, Siantar last monday. Thanks to @irinksiallagan and his beautiful family for making us feel like home #latepost #djindeathmetal #irishomestudio”.

DJIN was formed in 2006 by guitarist David Salim. After several lineup changing, current formation comprises David Salim (guitars), Gery Otre (guitars), Chiko TM (bass), Achmad Nurdin Marja (drums) and Mas Fuad Hasan (vocals).


Check the video below:


Phase 2: Lucid Interception

Universal transmutation aiming mankind
Absolute concious alteration
A program of reconstruction
Designed for the mass

The platform for element
All obliteration

Waves of the infinite destruction
Now flowing a lucid interception

Distribution of the forged composite God
Concealed as paragons walking among us

Manuevering desires to consume
Exerts the overwhelming influence
Follow the guidance
and you shall fall into the loop of emptiness
A vast confusion

Concious alteration
Lucid interception
Concious alteration

Distribute of the forged composite God
To reign in us

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