Dreamer N Fighters releases sixth official music video “The Last Goodbye”

Kuningan/Cirebon-based rock act Dreamer N Fighters just uploaded sixth official music video The Last Goodbye to their Youtube channel, on August 2, 2017. The song is taken from their upcoming debut full-length album entitled The Fighters, scheduled to be released in next October.

The Last Goodbye depicts a five-piece band on a stage, where the female singer singing, and other musicians hanging out around her. Then the lead cast (portrayed by guitarist Derijck Nugroho) is shown writing something on a paper, presumably a song composition. He suddenly gets hard coughing, and blood coughs up from his mouth. The guy begins thrashing in agony, then fainted, presumably died. The other musicians come closer and kneeling around him. The female singer sobs desperately, and throwing herself upon her knees beside the guitarist dead body. The video is ended with the singer hugs the dead body.
The heavy ballad song “The Last Goodbye” tells about one who missed his chance to say goodbye to someone he/she loved.

The video was filmed on July 2, 2017 at Gedung Kesenian Raksa Wacana, Kuningan, West Java. Dreamer N Fighters founder/guitarist Derijck Nugroho directed the music video. Fellow Chaerun Rizal is credited as cinematographer, and Muhammad Patoni and Adhiaksa Pratama as assistant directors.


Frontwoman Devi Afifa Jasmine in her interview with Musik.or.id told the video was filmed along with other single titled “Taste of My Revenge”, set to be published on August 8.

She revealed “The Last Goodbye” was written by Derijck, based on his life experience when he was saddened for not being beside his father when he passed away.
Jasmine said the song was written in February 2017, and recorded last June at the guitarist’s home studio. The band line up on this song comprises Jasmine Afifa (vocals), Derijck Nugroho (guitars), Roby Septiyan (bass), Juandani (drums), and Dedet Haryadi (keyboards).


Dreamer N Fighter was founded on June 6, 2014 by Derijck Nugroho and bassist Zay as DNFriends. Zay suggested to recruit his former singer from previous project, Jasmine Afifa who subsequently joining then-new-established DNFriends. Zay then parted ways with the band for undisclosed reason.

Derijck’s sibling Roby Septiyan filled Zae’s shoes. Roby also brought along with him drummer Agus Haryanto.  The band dropped the name and changed with current name when they released debut official music video Buruh Song’s, at the end of 2014.

To date, the band has released 6 official videos i.e. Buruh Song’s, The Fighters, Intoxicated, Mechanical Human, Damailah Dunia, and The Last Goodbye. 

Along with their official music videos, the band also uploaded tons of cover songs on their Youtube channel.

Check the video below:



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