Earth Crawler releases debut From Below

San Fransisco’s Bay area is undoubtedly one of the most important cradles in the birth and ongoing journey of Heavy Metal music, so it only serves to reason that future steps for Metal music are given life from that same location. EARTH CRAWLER have emerged from that very point and bare the all the hall marks of the Bay area’s legacy, but also carry an unpretentious, smooth yet confronting glaze that doesn’t limit itself to the currently recognized borders of genre and ‘scene’ demographic.

This band really does have something for every heavy music fan.

Featuring the guitar lead talents of Glen Alvelais (formerly of FORBIDDEN and TESTAMENT) EARTH CRAWLERS debut album ‘From Below‘ displays a maturity of seasoned performers, yet still possesses a fresh and contemporary delivery that is courtesy of its other members Ryan Reynoso– Vocals, Kimo Sanborn– Guitar/Vocals and Nick Benigno– Drums.

Recorded mix and mastered at the Blue Room Recording Studio by engineer Eric Hill (XEROSUN, PLENTY HEAVY, GRAVEL, SOCOTRA), ‘From Below‘ is the opening declaration in a hard edged musical voice that is not limited to any established musical comfort zones of function or form.
The first step has been made, EARTH CRAWLER have firm grasped an uncomfortable note and given it an arcane and truthful creative purpose. Listen and learn, there is plenty more to come.

From Below was released on May 5, 2017.

Check Earth Crawler’s official lyric video for Through the Ashes below:

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