Event: BNA Melodic Fest

melodic fest

A new punk mini-fest will be held in Banda Aceh on 2 March 2013 on the second story of Black and White Coffee, starting at 8PM. Twelve bands will perform at the event, labeled BNA Melodic Fest. See below for the full lineup:

  1. Freak ‘n’ the Monday
  2. Brother Meatball Vendor
  3. Marry Jane
  4. Stab in the Back
  5. Mommy and the Cockroaches
  6. Chum Bucket
  7. Franklin
  8. Popeye is My Hero
  9. Nothing Perfect
  10. 4brothers
  11. Five Teenagers
  12. Nickelodic

Ijal Tokek, the gig coordinator told GMA Media Team about the concert preparation:

“No worry about the permit, since the venue is private, and everything is different compared to the cracked-down gig in the infamous Vice-Mayor punk raid in 2011.

We invited pop punk, skatepunk, punk rock, melodic punk and easycore bands only.”

The ticket will be sold at the venue entrance for 5 thousand rupiah per piece.

This event is supported by Fake Jumper, Pegasus, Middle Fingers, Xtreme Zine, Miti Musik, Dunia Indie, Dekzal Coffee, Menara Bambu, Pickpocket, Smoking Goat and the Black Crown Record.

(Ayie Adler)



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