The second installment of PARTY IN SATURDAY will be held on Saturday, August, 9th 2014 at Black & White Cafe, Banda Aceh. The ALFA ORGANIZER  will host this party for 13 full-of-distortion bands starting from 7 PM until 11 PM.

The gig owner, ALFA ORGANIZER announced 8th RNC birthday special’” as the gig’s main theme.

Check the full lineup here:

1. Killa The Phia, read their profile in this link  
2. Bright Evening Stars
3. Brother Meatball Vendor 
4. Poison System 
5. Based On True Story
6. My Romance Story 
7. Twinheart 
8. Sunday With Couper
9. Demigod
10.Rules Of Battlefield
11.Im Not Okay !
12.Meila Berbie
13. Sweet Milk


The event was planned to be held at Rodya Cafe, but the organizer had to move it to the B&W for an undisclosed reason.

One of the band, DEMIGOD in their official twitter account said:

“Kami siap menggempur nyali berpesta ala rockstars!
Party in Saturday 08.30 PM, August 9th 2014
Kami butuh energi kalian!
\m/(_ _)\m/”

Ticket will be available at the entrance for IDR 5K. Some local clothing companies will open their booths  around the venue. Just make sure your pocket is full, folks!

Door-prize will be brought by  MiddleFinger Merch and Bearhead Quarters.

This show is supported by:
Gabungan Musisi Aceh, MiddleFinger Merch, Bearhead Quarters, Fractal Studios, WSWUcrew, CapcinRNC09, HN Photo Gallery, R3 Production.

Clothing lines:
MiddleFinger Merch, Alchemists, Elisabeth, Rocket Cloth, Ganas Cloth, Breakdown Apparel, Right Now Apparel, Madgoat Cloth, & YAW.



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