Beware! Deadsquad, Jasad and Noxa, amongst the big names at EVERLOUD III

The Establishment, Galeria SCBD Lot 6, South Jakarta, will host the third installment of The Everloud Festival, a bona fide metal gig series that will take place on Sunday, August 13, 2017.

This time, the even proprietor, Loudboys teams up with BMQ Production to organize the show, showcasing a rigorous lineup consists of fifteen Indonesian most austere metal veterans and up-and-coming bands.

Veterans like Jasad, Noxa, Deadsquad, Panic Disorder, Dead Vertical, and Funeral Inception, will co-headline the Everloud III along with Balinese Trojan, Malang’s Hellhound, Revenge, Viscral, Abgotter, Acromatica, Gore Infamous, Auticed, and Karnak.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Loudboys present Everloud III

Indonesian technical death metal giant Deadsquad will play with new drummer and bassist after their Hellcrust connections Andyan Gorust and Arslan Musyfia parted ways with the band last February and March, respectively. Deadsquad presumably will perform with Akbar Auliya (Revenge’s drummer) and former Killing Me Inside’s bassist Agung Gede.

Even tough there is no official written statement about this new lineup, both new bloods has been become recurrence with Deadsquad.

Deadsquad was formed in 2006 by Seringai’s co-founder/guitarist Ricky Siahaan and prominent session guitarist Stevie Item (later also in Andra & The Backbone). To date, the band has released Horror Vision (2009), Profanatik (2013), and Tyranation (2016).

Latest known official lineup consists of Stevie Item (guitars) and Daniel Mardhany (vocals).

Bandung-based death metal titan Jasad will play with their new drummer Oki Fadhlan (also plays with Stigmatuary) who replaced Abas early this year. Former drummer Abas was the key player on Jasad’s high acclaimed third full-length album Rebirth of Jatisunda, released in 2013 by Extreme Souls Production. Abas parted ways with Jasad in July 2016 for undisclosed reason after 5 years became part of the band.

Speculations arose beyond Abas’ departure. Metal drummer veteran Abah Andris, who just left Burgerkill was rumored to join force with Jasad. But the gossip had been faked with the band’s Facebook announcement on January 26, 2017 about the new line up, with Oki as their new definitive drummer.

Jasad is enjoying their 27 years of success on metal music with three renowned full-length albums Witness of Perfect Torture (2001), Annihilate the Enemy (2005), and Rebirth of Jatisunda (2013); and 1996 EP C’est la vie.

Current line up consists of Man (vocals), Yuli (bass), Ferly (guitars), Reduan (guitars), Oky (drums).

Jakarta-based most adored death metal/grindcore act Noxa will give a sneak peek of their forthcoming fifth album at Everloud III. Fan has been longing for their new works since last release the 2016 EP Buka Mata.

The band showcased photos and video from their recording sessions at UNIC-SSR in December 2016 and January 2017. No update information about the album whether it’s finished or not, Noxa just departed for their Malaysia Grind Virus Tour 2017 in February. The band will be heading to Japan next October to co-headline Asakusa Deathfest 2017.

Noxa was established in 2002 and has released debut eponymous full-length album in 2003, followed by Grind Viruses (2006), Legacy (2011) and Buka Mata (2016). The band comprises Tonny Christian Pangemanan (vocals), Ade Himernio (guitars), Alvin Eka Putra (drums) and Ngakan Nyoman Dipa Biomantara (bass).

None of the original members are in the current line up, but nothing can stop Panic Disorder to enjoy their 23 years of triumph with maturation and wisdom, thanks to its guardians bassist Ketut Budi and guitarist/now-frontman Joky, who maintain the band to keep rolling since their arrival in 1997.

To date, Panic Disorder has published 2 EPs and 3 full-length albums i.e. EP Bleeding One of the Mortal Throne (2000), Ilustrasi dari Bab Sadis (2004), Choir of Horror (2007), Choir of Horror (2011) and Daimonion(2016).

Panic Disorder was founded in 1994 by Toto Handrawan (vocals), Baonk (bass), Romy (guitars), and Aly (drums). The last formation consists of Ketut Budi (bass), Joky (vocals), Atenx (guitars), Amri Putradjaja (guitars), and Sobron Haki (drums).

2017 marks a decade of contentment for Viscral, a Bekasi-based brutal death metal act. The four-piece savage metallers have been ruling most metal fests in its hometown and other places since the released of debut full-length album Egocentric Underneath of Horror in 2015. The debut was published by Rottrevore Records.

Founded in 2007, the band’s current line up consists of Eggi Pradia Wiguna (vocals), Yogi Praja Bimantara (drums), Liga Radensha (guitars), Adrel Jatnika (guitars), and Dwiky Dzarendrastyo (bass).

Gore Infamous will rock Everloud III with their infamous signature: masked! The band is known for being one of few bands who always wearing corpse masks during concert. The masked style and energetic actions during performing make this band gaining cult of following.

Founded in 2010, the band has released debut EP Cadaver in Methodical Overture in 2012 through California-based independent label New Standard Elite. Latest formation consists of Wawan Setiawan (drums), Egie Devoid (guitars), Rendra (vocals0, and Freddy Mulya Purba (bass).

One of the shining up-and-coming death metal acts from Jakarta, Acromatica is benefited from their high-acclaimed debut Misdirection Impact (released on April, 20 2016 by Sickness Production). The album received positive reviews from some metal webzines in Indonesia. The band started to co-headline some prominent gigs along with other well-known metal bands, since.

Founded in 2010 as Anathematize, the band then dropped the name and adopted current one in 2013. Latest formation comprises Nur Al Wahhab (guitars), Reza Ahmad (vocals), Meidika Ananda (bass), and Fikri Ramadhan (drums).


JASAD (Bandung)
NOXA (Jakarta)
REVENGE (Jakarta)
VISCRAL (Bekasi)
ABGOTTER (Jakarta)
AUTICED (Bandung)
KARNAK (Tangerang)

Mono Octaviandy from BMQ Production in his recent interview with said the organizer will give free compilation CDs for first 300 attendees. The CD consists of heavy tracks from Everloud III roster.

He added the gate will be opened at 1 PM, and ticket is sold for IDR 100K at the venue entrance.

For further inquiry about the show, Mono can be reached at 082211276410.

Everloud III is sponsored by, a subsidiary of PT Djarum.


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