Final Round Band Confirmation of Not Just Noise 2: The Symphony of Noise

not just noise II final poster

The final batch of bands is confirmed by the Bising Crew and the Banda Aceh Death Metal (BADM), who will host “GMA presents Not Just Noise 2: The Symphony of Noise”. The second installment will take place at the GMA’s headquarter in Aceh Arts Council Building, Taman Budaya Banda Aceh Complex in Sunday, April 28th, 2013.

23 immense bands of Banda Aceh metal and punk spectrum will showcase their extreme musical dexterity. The latest lineup consists of:

  1. Die Violence
  2. Audio Jahad
  3. Unsatisfactory
  4. Vonis Mati
  5. Redemption
  6. Rekayasa Genetika
  7. Theosophist
  8. Mocksaw
  9. Children for Yerussalem
  10. Passion Our Soul
  11. Dark Future
  12. Darah Pekat
  13. The Hangover
  14. Ma’rabukka
  15. Scared The Monster
  16. Marry Hate A Little Lamb
  17. Amenhotep
  18. Smash
  19. Prisioner
  20. Ramnit
  21. Flying Dutchman
  22. Take Care
  23. Messenger of Death

For further inquiry about the extreme gig please contact Ifan (0818 0981 2389) and Angga (0823 6668 3962), or folowing twitter accounts @GMAceh and @Pasukan_Rencong, or the official website


The event is supported by GMA, Aceh Arts Council, Komunitas Gitar Aceh (Komgit), Indonesian Drummers Atjeh (IDA), AM Records, The Black Crown Record, Middlefinger Clothes, Reumeh Kupi and Aceh Media Kreasindo.

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