Geram Thrash releases music video “Regulasi Penindas”

Semarang-based thrash metal act Geram Thrash released a new music video titled Regulasi Penindas on March 19, 2017. The video uses many Indonesian black and white footage from 1960’s era and incorporates them in double speed way.

The song tells about the New Order regime who conducted a massive campaign to secure its supremacy by indoctrinating people with an altered history of Indonesia; kidnapping or imprisoning its political enemies; law and economic discrimination; banning books or arts which considered disturbing the government; etc.

Guitarist Hatta Kawanu Tama spoke to about the song. He said the song is the band’s aspiration to revive any political cold case that happened during the reign of Orde Baru. Regulasi Penindas is a recycle of Geram’s 2011 single Dangerous. They modified the lyrics and drums arrangements.

Geram Thrash has been working their debut album Rimba since last year. Hatta disclosed the upcoming album will consist six songs with Indonesian and Javanese lyrics and incorporating modern and Javanese traditional music in a unique concept. Javanese artist Kholis Ketawang is involved in the production.

The band entered Coco Home Studio Semarang on April 1, 2016 to record Rimba. The album is engineered, mixed and mastered by Agung Kuncoro a.k.a Coco, guitarist of Fester Infection. Hatta said they are not in hurry to finish the album.

Geram Thrash was founded in September 2009 by Hatta (guitars), Eza (drums), Rio (vocals), Adi (bass) and Oky (guitars).

The video can be seen below:


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