Jasad to campaign “Fight Against Radicalism” at Gondang Metal Fest 2017

Sragen-based prominent underground society, the Ujung Timur Corpse Grinder will hold its flag ship event series the Gondang Metal Fest for the sixth time this year. The festival is getting larger, moving from smaller venues in its home ground District Gondang, to bigger venue The Gedung Sasana Manggala in District Sragen, Sragen Regency, Central Java. Gondang Metal Fest 2017 is scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 23, 2017.

Twenty three metal acts are expected to play at the very show from 10 AM to 10 PM, featuring death metal legendary Jasad as the festival headliner.

This year’s theme is  “Fight Against Radicalism”.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Gondang Metal Fest 2017: Fight Against Radicalism

Jasad will play with their new drummer Oki Fadhlan (also plays with Stigmatuary) who replaced Abas early this year. Former drummer Abas was the key player on Jasad’s high acclaimed third full-length album Rebirth of Jatisunda, released in 2013 by Extreme Souls Production. Abas parted ways with Jasad in July 2016 for undisclosed reason after 5 years became part of the band.

Speculations arose beyond Abas’ departure. Metal drummer veteran Abah Andris, who just left Burgerkill was rumored to join force with Jasad. But the gossip had been faked with the band’s Facebook announcement on January 26, 2017 about the new line up, with Oki as their new definitive drummer.

Jasad is enjoying their 27 years of success on metal music with three renowned full-length albums Witness of Perfect Torture (2001), Annihilate the Enemy (2005), and Rebirth of Jatisunda (2013); and 1996 EP C’est la vie.

Current line up consists of Man (vocals), Yuli (bass), Ferly (guitars), Reduan (guitars), Oky (drums).

This year’s Hammersonic Soul of Steel Award nominee for best newcomer, Paranoid Despire will have dark set list contains songs from their high-acclaimed debut full-length album Nebulous, released by Hitam Kelam Records on September 17, 2016.

The Surakarta-based death metal act was founded in 2010 as Used in Latter, and later changed to current name. Paranoid Despire’s latest line up consists of Faizal Anas Luh (bass), Andrian Kokom (vocals), Yoga Noor Pratama (drums), and Wahyu Alfian (guitars).


Ilham “Konyil” Reski Satriawan from Ujung Timur Corpse Grinder spoke to www.Musik.or.id about the show and the society. He revealed the society was founded in 2012, aims to promote the underground sub-culture to local rural area. They strive to maintain their flagship event annually.

The alumnus of ISI Jogja and ISI Surakarta, is a live drummer for Solo-based death metal act Osiris Troopz.

Gondang Metal Fest event series was established in 2013, when the society held its first installment at Kayla Futsal Court, Gondang on June 9, 2013 with theme “Resureksi Rekam Jejak”. The second edition followed three months later at the same venue on September 22, 2013.

SiksakubuR became the first giant group to headline the show, played at the third issue on August 3, 2014. This was the last Gondang Metal Fest yet to be held at the Kayla Futsal Court. That year’s theme was Sub Culture Underground 2014.

The Gondang Metal Fest 2015 was relocated to bigger venue. The Ujung Timur Corpse Grinder moved the fest to Gedung Olah Raga dan Kesenian Gondang. The fourth installment was held on July 26, 2015, featuring “Passion and No Attitude” as the gig’s theme.

Last, the fifth GMF was organized on July 24 last year, at the same venue as the previous show. That time, the society picked “Metal Transendental Moshpit” as its theme.



Jasad (Bandung)
Paranoid Despire (Surakarta)
Bandoso (Surakarta)
Nocturnal Kudeta (Yogyakarta)
Imperforata (Madiun)
Infected Soul (Surakarta)
Rawhide (Surakarta)
Inarifox (Surakarta)
Klandestin (Magelang)
Anthropophagus Depravity (Yogyakarta)
Guilty Soul (Surakarta)
Inflamation (Surakarta)
Jeruji Besi (Surakarta)
Destruction Moral (Surakarta)
Vircella (Surakarta)
Fans Of Freedom (Surakarta)
Between The Whisper (Surakarta)
Killed For Revenge (Surakarta)
Alice Awakening (Surakarta)
Descropse (Surakarta)
Psychopathic (Surakarta)
Syndrome (Surakarta)
Condromowo (Surakarta)

Ticket is available for IDR 35K. For further inquiry about the show, the organizer can be reached at 08565340145.

This event is supported by Super Music ID, Ngawi Barat Society, Ngawi Corpse Grinder, Sragen Rock Generation, Belukar, Orthus, Ahola, Star Ramen, Rumah Kopi, Aaw Sablon, ALF distro, Bengkel Bowo, Dragon Baber Shop, Elzo Cafe, Fire Fucker, Kapital, Kimochi, Origin Solo, Bronson Empire, Ketonggo Fans Wear, Nimco, Wong Bet, Monkey Scholl, Olswan Baber Shop, Omah Kulon Sablon, Queen Milk, Roy Baber Shop, Sammy Cat Studio, UD Aneka Sandal, Silang Sablon, Aris Car Wash, One Dream Cloth, Wedangan Suryo, Warung Koe, Mana Hadap, Peri Pherry, Gupek Pejalan, Suradi Care, Warior Pride, Franner, Hype Baber Shop, Sure, Arkais, Yadi Motor, Hello Fake Store, Moksha Art Wear, and Magnum PS.


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