Jasad to headline Groupies Death Fest #3

One of the most brutal metal festivals to be happened in Bumi Parahiyangan this year is the third installment of Groupies Death Fest. This year’s issue will be organized at Fame Station, on Saturday, July 8 2017.

Groupies Merch, proprietor of this death fest will showcase sixteen venomous bands featuring Bandung-based death metal veteran Jasad as top of bill, co-headlining the show with other town mates Disinfected, Turbidity, Bleeding Corpse and Digging Up.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Bandung akan digoncang Groupies Death Fest 3 

Jasad will play with their new drummer Oki Fadhlan (also plays with Stigmatuary) who replaced Abas early this year. Former drummer Abas was the key player on Jasad’s high acclaimed third full-length album Rebirth of Jatisunda, released in 2013 by Extreme Souls Production. Abas parted ways with Jasad in July 2016 for undisclosed reason after 5 years became part of the band.

Speculations arose beyond Abas’ departure. Metal drummer veteran Abah Andris, who just left Burgerkill was rumored to join force with Jasad. But the gossip had been faked with the band’s Facebook announcement on January 26, 2017 about the new line up, with Oki as their new definitive drummer.

Jasad is enjoying their 27 years of success on metal music with three renowned full-length albums Witness of Perfect Torture (2001), Annihilate the Enemy (2005), and Rebirth of Jatisunda (2013); and 1996 EP C’est la vie.

Current line up consists of Man (vocals), Yuli (bass), Ferly (guitars), Reduan (guitars), Oky (drums).

2017 marks Disinfected‘s twenty years of long passage on Indonesian metal music history. The band was founded on November 2, 1997 in Bandung by Adyth Nugraha (guitars), Abah Andris (drums), Amank (vocals), Sigit Tri Hartono (bass) and Opick (guitars). To date, Disinfected has released one studio album titled Melted (2000, Extreme Souls Production) and EP Aku Akan Bunuh Kamu (2003, Rottrevore Records).

On December 2, 2016, their official Facebook showed the band’s rehearsal on new song, probably for future second full-length album.

Disinfected’s last formation comprises Adyth Nugraha (guitars), Adang (drums), Amank GB (vocals), Sigit Tri Hartono (bass) and Diaz Vishnu (guitars).

Metal enthusiast has been waiting for Turbidity‘s new works with current frontman Bob Rock (ex-Bleeding Corpse) after Andry quit the band last year. With Bob, the band has released a demo CD titled Sinis – Promoshit 2016, released by Groupies Merch.  Funnily, Andry joined Bleeding Corpse early this year.

Since its inception in 2008, Turbidity has released studio album Suffering of Human Decapitated (2011, Extreme Souls Production), and EP Vomiting the Rotten Maggot (2012, Horrible Creation Extreme Musick Media).

Last formation consists of Bob Rock (vocals), Daniel Turbiyem (guitars), Ferry (bass) and Iko Karbon (drums).

Andry Suryanto will rock Groupies Death Fest 3 with Bleeding Corpse, sharing the stage with his former bands Turbidity and Digging Up. The owner of independent records company Horrible Creation Extreme Musick Media was introduced on April 13, 2017 as the Bleeding Corpse’s new frontman, on the band’s Facebook. Andry replaced Yadi Behom (ex-Jasad) who left earlier this year.

The Bandung-based brutal death metal band was established in 2006 by Ari Bejo (drums), Uus Death (guitars), Bob Rock (vocals) and Adrian (bass). The band has 2 full-length albums Resurrection of Murder (2008, Pieces Records), and Condemned to Suffer (2014, Groupies Merch).

Bandung’s brutal death metal Digging Up had just finished Sumatera Infection Tour 2017 last March, to promote their debut full-length Disseminated Inapparent Infection, published by Disembowel Records on June 18, 2014.

After a year wandering around without bass player, the band welcomed back their former bassist Teguh Prasetyo on March 14, 2017, their Facebook page announced.

Formed in 2004, now consists of Aghy Purakusuma (vocals), Dedra Sebastian (guitars), Terry Buldansyah (guitars), Teguh Prasetyo (bass), and Arief Rahadian (drums).

Brutal death metal act from Bekasi Chalera is in production of their first studio album, due for release this year through California-based independent label New Standard Elite. The band previously releases consist of an eponymous EP (2013), and a promo CD (2015).

Now-trio Chalera was formed in 2010 by Aji (vocals), Wahyu (drums), Joko (guitars), Rory (bass) and Achmad Fani (guitars). The band is survived by Yogi Bewok (vocals), Achmad Fani (guitars), and Indra Kipli (drums).

Brutal death metal unit Interfectus is in the midst of completing its new album, scheduled to be released this year by Spanish independent label Pathologically Explicit Recordings. During the album recording session, the band lost its co-founding member bassist Sudaryana due to family matter. Interfectus employs Asep as additional player since that time.

Founded in 2016 in Tangerang, Interfectus now consists of Afif Fadly (vocals), Ahmad Abidin (guitars), and Putra FR (drums).

To promote their debut full-length Sadistic Murder, released on February 20, 2017, the Extreme Souls Production’s roster Expendiency has been scheduled a tour titled Sadistic Tour 2017.

Sadistic Tour 2017 current dates consist of the band’s engagements at Tangerang Brutality 2 (4/16), Timur Menghitam (Bogor, 4/30), RPM Death Fest (Yogyakarta, 5/12), Lampung Timur Menghitam (5/14), Lakbok Bergetar (Ciamis, 7/1), Panusupan Metal Festival #3 (6/27) and Groupies Death Fest 3 (Bandung, 7/8). Its official fan page said more dates to be announced.

The brutal death metal trio Expendiency was formed in 2010, prolonging the life of now-defunct Ending Truth. The founding member and sole survivor Aditiya Ramdhan has been switching his gears three times since its inception. Starting from vocal, then bass, and firmed in guitar position since 2013.

Aditya is currently accompanied by Rizki Darmawan (vocals) and Katon Gilang Ramadhan (drums).


Groupies Merch’s founder Atik Kamaludin in recent interview with Musik.or.id spoke about the show. He began to organize the gig series on January 4, 2015 at West Coast Bar, Antropark Building, Bandung. The second installment was held on July 30, 2016 at Fame Station.

Atik said Groupies Merch was founded in December 2009 as a metal merchandise store. The company started new venture as a record label in middle 2011, releasing physical release of International bands. In 2014, Groupies began to publish local band’s albums.

He revealed the brutal Groupies Death Fest 3 poster was created by Mark Cooper from Mindrape Art, and logo by Michael “Magoo” Majewski.



JASAD (Bandung)
CHALERA (Bekasi)
DIGGING UP (Bandung)
USUS BUNTU  (Mojokerto)
SUFISM (Bandung)
UNDERGOD (Bandung)


Ticket is available for IDR 75 K at the venue.

The show will begin at 1 PM to 9 PM.


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