Heavy Metal Hero fights against bullying in Dreamer N Fighters new music video

Dreamer N Fighters comes back with a new video after last week publishing another new video The Last Goodbye. The new video entitled Taste of My Revenge is the band’s seventh official music video, and the final video before debut full-length album The Fighters out in October 2017.

Taste of My Revenge is a power metal song talks about one who’s being hurt, but unmoved and adamant. He/she promises to come back and getting revenge.

The video starts with opening credit showing a full moon rising. Lead cast (Derijk Nugroho) is shown being dragged by three thugs. The thugs tie Derijck on a chair and tormenting him. A giant eye sees the scene from the sky. Then, Jasmine Afifa (credited as the Heavy Metal Goddes) is landing. She approaches Derijk and touches his head, presumably transferring her divine power.

Derijk suddenly becomes stronger and unties himself. His body is glowing and his grungy white “Nirvana” t-shirt immediately change into a heavy metal outfit: leather vest, leather pants, studded belts, and leather boots. Derijck has transformed into a Heavy Metal Hero.

The Heavy Metal Hero is having a guitar in hands as his main weapon. The guitar shoots a lightning blast towards the thugs and defeating them. One of the bandit then runs away and makes Derijck chasing him. The thug comes back, this time with his boss, The One-eyed Bandit. The blond thugs attacks Derijck with his new power, presumably transferred by The One-eyed Bandit. Derijck hits back with energy sphere, projecting to the blond thug. The blond is overpowered.

Now, Heavy Metal Hero faces The One-eyed Bandit mano a mano. Their powers are seemingly even, until both of them forming energy balls and shoot to each other. Their energy balls collide creating a big blast. The next scene then shows Derijck moving double-time faster than The One-eyed Bandit and strikes him with numerous punches. The One-eyed Bandit is defeated.

Derijk is giving electrified sign of the horns to the sky, symbolizes mission is accomplished and “heavy metal” rules!

Along with “The Heavy Metal Hero” scenes, the band is shown playing on a stage.


Jasmine Afifa talked to Musik.or.id about the video. She said the song talks about bullying. Moral lesson we can get from this video is to live your life in courageous.

Jasmin suggested the best things to fight against bad things that happened to us are with achievements and “the magic of heavy metal”.


Dreamer N Fighter was founded in Kuningan on June 6, 2014 by Derijck Nugroho and bassist Zay as DNFriends. Zay suggested to recruit his former singer from previous project, Jasmine Afifa who subsequently joining then-new-established DNFriends. Zay then parted ways with the band for undisclosed reason.

Derijck’s sibling Roby Septiyan filled Zae’s shoes. Roby also brought along with him drummer Agus Haryanto. The band dropped the name and changed with current name when they released debut official music video Buruh Song’s, at the end of 2014.

To date, the band has released 6 official videos i.e. Buruh Song’s, The Fighters, Intoxicated, Mechanical Human, Damailah Dunia, and The Last Goodbye.

Along with their official music videos, the band also uploaded tons of cover songs on their Youtube channel.

Check the video below:

“Taste Of My Revenge”
Written by: Derijck Nugoro & Jasmine Afifa
Music by: Derijck Nugroho
Video Director/Editor: Derijck Nugroho

Cameraman : Chaerun Rizal

Derijckk Nugoro – Heavy Metal Hero
Muhammad Patoni – One-eyed Bandit
Roby Septiyan – Bandit #1
Dedet Haryadi – Bandit #2
Adhiaksa Pratama – Bandit #3
Jasmine Afifa – Heavy Metal Goddess

Visual effect – Derijck Nugroho
Assistant Director – Muhammad Patoni, Roby Septiyan
Make-up artist – Jasmine Afifa

Lina Rohamina
Sanggar Seni Swara Lokananta
Gedung Kesenian Raksa Wacana Kungan
Abah Nana
Reiza (WInner Music Studio)
Engkoes 07
Evi Calista
M. Ilal Al Natham
Budi Lesmana
Zaelani Abdul
Ade Fitri Ramdyandani
Endang Sutisna
Putra Ramajaksa
Egi Adam Setiawan
And all the fighters in the world

Lyrics :


You always tortured my body
Leaving the scar and the agony
It’s seems like never ending
Make me falling in the river of a misery
I keep on silence
I keep my patience

I see the darkness is taking over me
I feel the anger is running to my veins
I will not run
I will not hide again
Someday you know that I will give you
The taste of my REVENGE…

You just satisfied when I bleed
My heart is dying but I still feel this pain
I keep on silence
I keep my patience

[Back to Chorus]


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