Hyperteroid to premiere debut EP at Pasuruan Bising 2017

Pasuruan-based groove/death metal act Hyperteroid will launch its debut venomous EP Rotten Brain Theory at Pasuruan Bising 2017, on Sunday, July 30, 2017 at Yonzipur 10 Hall, Jalan Balaikota Pasuruan, right in front of Pasuruan Parliament and SMK PGRI 2.

The EP contains six tracks that defines their vigorous hot blooded desire to rule over the local underground scenes. Rotten Brain Theory encloses previous single J.A.N.C.O.K (Jangan Anggap Neraka Cuma Omong Kosong), released in April 2017.

Artikel mengenai peluncuran album ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Hyperteroid luncurkan debut EP di Pasuruan Bising 2017

Founder/guitarist Anjar “Aira” Findi Hermawan in his recent interview with www.Musik.or.id revealed the album recording sessions took place at D’Fest Studio, Pasuruan.

The studio’s resident engineers Tomy and Rizal recorded, mixed and mastered all tracks.

The EP also includes a cover of Jihad, a track of Berantai’s debut EP Sugeng Rawuh Sang Cemeng Ing Tlatah Jawi (2012).

Berantai is Anjar “Aira” Findi Hermawan ‘s other project since 2010 until 2013. Aira is the owner of Malang-based Invasion Rival, an event management who has been organizing well-knowned serial gigs such as  5 editions of Pasuruan Metal Fest, and 8 editions of War Blood Fest.

A tour entitled Our Rotten Invasion has been set up, with initial hectic dates consists of:

16/7 Jombang Brutality, Jombang
30/7 Pasuruan Bising 2017, Pasuruan
13/8 Ketambul Metal Syndicate, Tuban
3/9 3 Randublatung Hitam Semesta #3, Randu Blatung
10/9 Stop The Madness, Pasuruan
7/10 Sak’Piro Sangarmu, Pasuruan
5/11 War Blood Fest #9, Malang

Hyperteroid was established in 2013 in Malang, by Aira, a Pasuruan-origin, during his study in the city. 2016 saw the guitarist relocated to Pasuruan and continued the band in his hometown with new town mates.

Curent line up consists of Anjar “Aira” Findi Hermawan (guitars), Rahmad Wibowo (drums) and Aldi John Sasul (vocals).

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Otak Mati
  3. Jancok (Jangan Anggap Neraka Cuma Omong Kosong)
  4. Jihad (Berantai Cover)
  5. Patah Hitam belati
  6. Beloved


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