Surabaya rockers and metalheads to hold iftar dinner at Kopi Rocker 86

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Like previous Ramadans, Kopi Rocker 86 coffee shop hosts an iftar dinner for Surabayan rock/metal music musicians and fans. This time, three eminent communities team up to gather 500 invitees. The communities are Surabaya Community Pahlawan, Kopi Rocker 86, and Rocklaw.

The iftar dinner titled Bukber 500 Musisi dan Metalheads will be held on this Sunday, June 18, 2017 at Kopi Rocker 86, Jalan Kranggan number 86, opposite SMK 4 Surabaya.

In recent discussion with five organizer representatives, Mr. Boni Arnanto, Mr. Qian, Mr. Dani Triyanto, Mr. Yans Mario and Ms Warti, we learn about the reception.

Warti explained this iftar will be the third time happened in Kopi Rocker 86 coffee shop. Last Ramadan, the reception was attended by 500 persons too.

She said before the sunset, they will hold an Islamic lecture and dua from 4 PM. During that time, the Surabaya Community Pahlawan will share takjil at Jalan Krangan.

Warti added they also invite friends from other music communities, rider communities and football fan clubs.

Boni Artanto described this year’s theme is “Bukber bareng dolor dolor metalhead”. Bukber stands for buka bersama or community iftar, dolor means kin.

He said the community dinner aims to strengthen the bonding among the communities members and to pursuit thawab (rewards).


Kopi Rocker 86 is a small coffee shop on Jalan Kranggan number 86, opposite SMK 4 Surabaya. Previously known as Warung Jaya Accept, the owner’s name, founded in 2002. Rock music is turned loudly there and discussion about music is held everyday. It draws rock and metal musicians and music enthusiasts’ attention to stop by.

It was April 10, 2015, in a Facebook group, its regulars declared the coffee shop’s name changed to Kopi Rocker 86. April 10 then is celebrated as its date of birth. The name was suggested by Yans Mario.

Kopi Rocker 86 has held two anniversary gigs. This year’s gig was organized on April 9, 2017 at Taman Remaja Surabaya, Jl. Kusuma Bangsa 112 – 114 (beside THR), Surabaya. featuring twelve well-established rock and metal bands in Greater Surabaya area with former Boomerang’s frontman Roy Jeconiah as headliner.

To date, the Kopi Rocker 86 has released a compilation CD on February 18, 2017. The launch party showcasing 26 bands was held at Hall Ijen Cafe, on Jalan Arief Rahman Hakim 126, Surabaya. The second volume of the compilation CD is scheduled to be issued in the end of 2017.

RockLaw or Rocker Lawas (lawas means old), is a charity community founded to benefit disadvantaged senior musicians in Surabaya. Founded on May 12, 2009 by Kartika Asianto “Abah Dodon” Undoyoko and friends.

The community holds fundraising to benefit sick or demised musicians.

Dodon and friends also founded Surabaya Community Pahlawan, a society that holds social activities and gatherings in Surabaya.


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