PASURUAN METAL FEST is an annual metal fest held in Pasuruan City, East Java Province, Indonesia, created by Invasion Rival, a Malang/Pasuruan-based music promoter. Since its birth in 2012, PASURUAN METAL FEST has accomplished four success installments. This year’s issue will be the final concert organized by Invasion Rival.

The PASURUAN METAL FEST V will be held on Sunday, 15 January 2017, at Gedung Serbaguna Gading Rejo, off Jalan Masuk SMAN 4/ behind Matahari Bread Company, Pasuruan City. It will showcase 21 bands starting from 8 AM until 16:30 PM. Tanggerang-based slamming brutal death metal band GERMINATIVUM who just released their debut full-length album “Instrument Of Human Butchering” will co-headline the show with DEAD FAINT and BIPANG, both Pasuruan-native bands who play metalcore and  hardcore, respectively.

DEAD FAINT will launch their EP “The Unseen Wisdom” in the very show, while BIPANG blasting the stage with new tunes from their 2017 “Killing A Traitor” album.

Anjar Findi a.k.a. Aira, owner of Invasion Rival spoke to about the PASURUAN METAL FEST (PMF). He said the first PMF was held on 9 September 2012 at PDI Perjuangan Pasuruan building after organizing a similar show WAR BLOOD FEST (WBF) in 2011 in Malang. Both music event franchises were success and continued to four editions for PMF, and eight editions for WBF until 2016.

Aira who plays guitar for Pasuruan’s death metal band Hyperteroid, stated it would be his last PASURUAN METAL FEST. He eventually will hand it over to other party after maintaining it from 2012. He plans to have a bigger show sometime in the near future. “Rival Invasion will keep organizing its WAR BLOOD FEST franchise”, he added.


Dead Faint (Pasuruan, Metalcore)
Germanitivum (Tangerang, slamming brutal death metal)
Bipang (Pasuruan, Hardcore)
Insulting (Mojokerto, Death Metal)
Ofringene (Pasuruan, Black Metal)
Q’blat (Sidoarjo, Black Metal)
Anti Kawur (Malang, punk Hardcore)
Cak Jum (Malang, Hardcore)
Overload (Malang,Hardcore)
Hyperteroid (Pasuruan, Death Metal)
Infeksi Vagina (Malang, Crust X Grind )
Lem.Oudt (Nongkojajar, Death Hardcore)
Grind Father (Malang, Grindcore)
Nazi’at (Pasuruan, Black Metal)
Syndroma Nefrotic (Pasuruan, Death Metal)
Black Rose From Maria (Malang, Post Hardcore)
Acacia (Surabaya, Metalcore)
Rampok (Pasuruan, Grindcore)
Munition Of War (Mojokerto, Hardcore)
Dinding Vagina (Pasuruan, slamming porn grind)
Rotten Disease (Pasuruan, Death Metal)

The show attendee will be charged for IDR 15K each. Tickets will be available at the venue entrance.

The organizer provides hotline numbers for further inquiry about the show. You may call these numbers: 083834350857, 083833882353 and 0895362013371.

PASURUAN METAL FEST V is supported by: UA Doctrinated Pasuruan, Bising Pasuruan, Under Division, Brother Hope, War Blood Fest and Indonesian Underground.


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