JAKARTA KERAS will shock Jakarta


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Ibukota Kami Punya, a music collective from the capital city of Indonesia, will hold its first event JAKARTA KERAS on March 12, 2017.

Bulungan Outdoor will witness nineteen bands who are scheduled to share the stage releasing their anger to rave about how fierce Jakarta is. Big names such as NOXA, Thrashline, Hellcrust, Antiseptic, Dirty Edge, Anastasya, Merseyside, F.O.D, etc, will headline the very show.

In his interview with www.Musik.or.id, Febri from Celepuk Entertainment, an element of Ibukota Kami Punya, said Jakarta Keras was a brainchild of his fellow LD Prasetyo, coined about two years ago. The idea behind the show is to create a platform for many young musicians to showcase their talents and abilities; building strong bonds along musicians in Jakarta; and to bind a strong relationship between performers and concert attendees.

LD Prasetyo a.k.a Yoyo F.O.D. spoke the initial idea was to unite metal music enthusiast communities and football fans communities. Then he considered many new bands had their own massive crowds, but the fans rarely went to a concert since they found it was monotonous and tedious. That was based on his observance in a year about local gigs, by holding discussions with friends or attending some gigs himself.

Yoyo, former-guitarist-now-become-manager of F.O.D, assumed a gig with D.I.Y ethics which involving many elements, including bands and their own crowds was inevitable. Together with Jagakarsa Metal Troops and Cilandak Familia, he created a collective called Ibukota Kami Punya. They mutually funded the show and shared duties. Bands whose names listed in the roster, were obliged to sell 30 to 50 early bird tickets to their own crowds.  

He stated the early bird tickets that distributed by the bands were sold out!

The national anthem Indonesia Raya will be sung at the beginning of the show, followed by Tari Yapong, a Batavian traditional dance.


Dirty Edge
Second Before
Break The Sun
Dirty Jokes


Early birds ticket are available for IDR 30K, while the regular ones will be sold for IDR 35K at the venue entrance. For further inquiry about the early bird tikets, just call: Boby (Pamulang) – 0815 6353 7513, Febri (Depok) – 0856 9951 981, Ghali (Kemayoran) – 0857 1565 1579, Indra (Bogor) – 0821 1131 2800, Ray (Lenteng Agung) – 0896 9402 9235, Ayub (Menteng) – 0857 1002 3195, Iwan (Kalibata) – 0859 5955 4358, and Riky (Matraman) – 0896 0912 2676.

Jakarta Keras is supported by Celepuk Ent, Cilandak Familia, Jagakarsa Metal Troops, Gitar Plus, StageID, Bens Radio, MusicListForum, Dapur Letter, RockRadioLive, Undergroundsync, mrtnsproduction, Klinik Bucek, GO Organizer, Jakarta Underground City and Java Metalheads.


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