The Jakarta Rockulture Festival is back!

Artikel Jakarta Rockulture 2017 dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di link berikut: Jakarta Rockulture Festival hadir lagi 1 April ini

Jakarta-based promoters Sacca Production and Rockultura will hold the second installment of Jakarta Rockulture Festival on Saturday, April 1, 2017 at Hall L3 and L4 Kuningan City Mall, Jakarta.  This year’s issue aims to celebrate the pinnacle of 80’s and early 90’s rock and metal music scope.

Ten giants of Indonesian rock and metal scenes are scheduled to headline the show i.e. Seringai, Deadsquad, Koil, Noxa, Getah, Seven Years Later, Oracle, Divine, Arrowguns and Cosmic Vortex.

In its official fanpage the promoter said “With 10 ass-kicking local bands to perform throughout the day and a curated marketplace ready to serve your buying needs this festival will serve you a unique experience of taking a time machine back to those years as a metalhead. Come and enjoy our Rockulture!”

This year’s theme is “The Headbanger Years”, dedicated to heroes of classic rock, glam rock, heavy metal, thrash metal, grindcore, etc.

Since the venue is air-conditioned and a lot of restaurants nearby, the promoter convinces the show attendees to bring their family.

The Jakarta Rockulture will kick off at 11 AM to 24 PM. Within the limit of the show, the organizer will provide marketplace for music collectors, merchandise, cosplay, memorabilia showcase, etc.

Prominent comics Soleh Solihun and Arie Dagienkz  will host the gig.

Early bird tickets are available at all Indomaret outlets for IDR 75K until D-3 and the regular price is IDR 100K. For further inquiry about the show, just contact 087781961112 (texting/ WA only).





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