Jake Bugg’s Shangri La

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Released date: 18 November 2013
Recorded: 2013 at Shangri-La, Malibu, California, U.S.
Genre: Indie rock, indie folk
Label: Mercury (UK), Island (U.S.), Universal Indonesia
Producer: Rick Rubin


Track listing:

1. “There’s a Beast and We All Feed it” (Jake Bugg, Iain Archer)
2. “Slumville Sunrise” (Bugg, Archer)
3. “What Doesn’t Kill You” (Bugg, Archer)
4. “Me and You” (Bugg)
5. “Messed Up Kids” (Jake Bugg, Ian Archer, Brendan Benson)
6. “A Song About Love” (Bugg, Archer)
7. “All Your Reasons” (Bugg)
8. “Kingpin” (Bugg, Archer, Benson)
9. “Kitchen Table” (Bugg)
10. “Pine Trees” (Bugg, Archer)
11. “Simple Pleasures” (Jake Bugg, Matt Sweeney)
12. “Storm Passes Away” (Bugg, Archer, Benson)


Jake Bugg – lead vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar, piano
Jason Lader – bass guitar
Matt Sweeney – rhythm guitar
Pete Thomas – drums

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