KAMOENA premieres new video “INGAT KEU MATEE”

ingat keu matee

Nagan Raya eminent ethnic metal act, KAMOENA Band released their first music video “INGAT KEU MATEE” on 23 March 2014 via youtube. The video was produced by Jeuram-based PH, Zalfa Studio and starred Ajier Donald Cobain as the main antagonist.  “INGAT KEU MATEE” means remembering the life after death.

The video opens in a prayer room with a young man (Ajier) crying after his pray. The scene switches to a room with some young people playing cards game. Probably a gambling game.  Then a shot shows Ajier with his entourage inside a car seemingly drunk. The car stops in front of three young women. Probably they know each others. Ajier and his gank rob the girls’ wallet and take all of their money. The song is starting and the band is shown playing in energetic routines inside a big garage.

The scene changes to Ajier running in a narrow alley and bumps into his entourage. Then they run together. Kamoena‘s frontman Ronny is singing and the scene switches back to the gambling room, then back to the prayer room.

Ajier is shown running with barefoot on an asphalt street seemingly afraid of something behind him. In a night scene, Ajier is crying and screaming when man in a white robe appears. Probably it represents a ghost.  Ajier is wandering and stops at a grave. He holds the headstone and punching the ground. He looks frustrated. 

Ajier sits at a bus stop. It looks like he is unhappy and regrets for something. A woman is approaching and giving him a prayer mat and a prayer beads.  Ajier is crying again. Five women are walking away and the one who gave Ajier prayer stuffs, looks back and smiles.

A light appears from behind. The white-robe-man is standing beside the bus stop. Ajier gets closer to him and offers his hand, probably an apology. But the man is disappeared and leaves Ajier confused.

At the end, Ajier is shown praying and probably having a total repentance.


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