Kasakkusuk Records to release Bacot HC’s debut

Kasakkusuk Production, a subsidiary of Rottenflesh Records will release Cirebon-based chaos hardcore act BACOT‘s debut album Serigala Nusantara. The company’s Facebook page gave signal about the release, but not mentioned about the exact release date.

Joko Adiyanto, co-founder/bassist of Bacot HC, in recent interview with Musik.or.id, revealed Serigala Nusantara probably will be launched after their Serigala Nusantara Tour 2017 finished in December 2017. The tour was commenced in last July.

Artikel mengenai perilisan album Bacot dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Album debut unit hardcore Bacot akan dirilis Kasakkusuk Records

At least, there will be four Bacot’s renowned tracks in the album, i.e. Stand With Pride, Wolfs Archipelago, Is This WAR and Tak Bisa Romantis.

Joko added the recording sessions took place at Freak Studio, and engineered by Agung and Handy. The band employed Cirebon-origin InsaneArt to design cover arts.

Bacot was founded as an amalgamation of two Cirebon well-established hardcore acts Make I See and Katakusam. Katakusam previously known for their hardcore/metal songs like Boneka Perang, Teritorial, Signifikan Perubahan, 3110, Lintas Perlawanan and Bangkit Melawan. The band also released an official video for Teritorial in 2014.

Drummer Tongky and Joko from Katakusam met Make I See’s personnel Fauzi and Risky and agreed to join force to form a new hardcore band named Bacot in 2015.

Recent lineup consists of Tonk-Q (drums), Risky (guitars), Fauzi Imanudin (vocals) and Djoko Adiyanto (bass).

Independent record label Rottenflesh Record was founded in 2014 by Supriyadi, a guitarist from Cilacap-based metal act AMPHUTASY. To date, the label has released Kujang Rampak‘s eponymous debut full-length and Retalition’s debut Inspire the Moment, both in 2016.

Rottenflesh Records will release albums for Dead Cry, Instruction Killer, and Al-Qassam this year.



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