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KHAFFAH is an Acehnese musical act whose music is a mixture of Malay pop-rock style and Acehnese singing style/lyrics. Founded as PLESMA in 2007 by former ANARA‘s guitarist Hendra and bassist Adi, then changed to MY FRIEND in 2008 after they met guitarist Eric at DAWAI 6 Guitar School, belonged to Banda Aceh-born Yudi Amirul, now a music professor at Institute Kesenian Jakarta.

Drummer Frans was recruited, and MY FRIEND began to play Melayu Rock/Metal, a sub-genre that was once prominent in Indonesia music scene. In 2010 they recorded their first demo “Patah Hati”.

A year later, singer Ivan Saputra joined the band replacing Hendra who then focused in guitar section with Eric. The new formation started to make some fusion experiments between Melayu rock and Acehnese music. The try-out resulted a new single “Sisat Lam Doenya”, a song that utilised Acehnese singing style and mixed with western pop/rock element.

After a short discussion, they altered MY FRIEND name to KHAFFAH in 2012, which meant “perfect” in Arabic language. In 2013 Frans enlisted in National Police Force enrollment and resigned as the band’s drummer. While jamming in Saung Studio, they met Jojo Jewel, a drummer from metal act Flying Dutchman, who was a regular in the very place. They recruited him to fill the band’s vacant drum position.

In November 2013, the band fled to Medan to record five new tunes in LY Record Studio for a split-album project with SAWEU Band. The split-album ‘Rindu dan Gaseh Tabina’ will be released in video cd format in the middle of 2014.

KHAFFAH and SAWEU are now busy filming their music videos,  a project that was commenced in December 2013.

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Ivan Saputra – vocals
Darmendra ‘Hendra’ Saputra – guitars/vocal
Heri ‘Eric’ Suranta – guitars
Suryadi – bass
Johan ‘JoJo Joewel’ Pranata – drums



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