KLANDESTIN premieres Halusinasi music video

Magelang-based stoner doom band KLANDESTIN released their first music video for single Halusinasi on February 24, 2017. The single itself was launched on January 1, 2017.

The premiere took place at a cafe in Magelang, organized by HELLFUZZ Records, an independent label who will release Klandestin’s upcoming debut album.

Halusinasi video was directed by Rudi Setiawan from Magnet Channel, a prominent production company from Magelang. The clip was filmed in two locations. The first one was in an abandoned house, empty for more than 30 years. According to urban legend the house is haunted. Klandestin’s guitarist Combo said the clip production did not get any obstacle at all. He assured there was no ghost disturbing during the shots despite the local community’s initial warning about it. Another shots took place in Inzome Studio Magelang where the band scenes were taken.

Co-starring with the band was Aria Citra, a local model.

The video opens with Citra sitting against the wall in a dark and grimy building, head down and embracing her knees. She then walks to the house and stop at the entrance. Puguh’s bass playing is heard and the band is shown.

Citra  walks inside the building, and suddenly does an inaudible scream and pulling her hair. She looks desperate and depressed. Another scene shows Citra sitting against the wall again.

The band changes the passage and doubles the tempo. A new scene appears and shows Citra is tied in a chair and trying to release herself. She finally frees herself and drags the chair. The girl then writes HATE in a mirror by lipstick, followed by scene where Citra, now facing camera, writes DIE backward.

Using the chair that was appeared in previous scene, she breaks the mirror. Combo plays his guitar solo. The video start to show its scenes backward by reverse time-lapse technique and ends up at Citra’s first sitting against the wall scene. Presumably she was dreaming or hallucinating.

In its press release, the Klandestin revealed the clip is telling about one who lives in a pessimistic life and depressed, that could not find her way out, and having hallucination as her only answer.

The closing credit shows name like Heliance Corporation, Tycusgoth and Magnet Channel.

The video can be seen below:

KLANDESTIN was formed in 2016 by Puguh Pangeksi (bass, lead vocal), Combohell (guitars), and Rizky Anggriawan (drums). The band is preparing their debut album now.




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