KUJANG RAMPAK is a death metal band from Jakarta, Indonesia. Established in the end 2012 by death metal veteran guitarist Riki Wisisena (ex-Grausig, ex-Jasad) and former Burial’s drummer Sumargono in East Jakarta.

Riki and Gono invited Ababil’s frontman Apri to be the band’s vocalist. The new-founded Kujang Rampak then employed another Ababil’s member Yoyo as additional bassist.

After playing several gigs, frontman Apri quit the band due to his work commitment and relocated to another town in mid 2013.

Kujang Rampak 2014 | Left-to-right: Tris, Riki, Oliel, Gono

Former vocalist of Homicide and Bedah Otak, Oliel Ahmad joined the band in early 2014, followed by Trisna Mulia from Fatal Tragedy, who came in to fill vacant bass position.


Kujang Rampak commenced to record their materials and entered Gaza Studio Ciawi, Bogor in March 2014.  Riki, who is fond of history led the songwriting process and adopted Nusantara historical events as the band’s main lyrics theme.

Drummer Gono made a brief quit in 2015 caring for his ill mother. His position was filled by a young drummer named Ceyday in September 2015. In December that year, Kujang Rampak announced a drum audition in its Facebook fanpage. Gono re-joined shortly thereafter.

Chery Stupidnation engineered, mixed and mastered six songs in Kujang Rampak’s debut which eventually released as an eponymous album. Chery also sang in track Kujang Rampak.

Jakarta-based independent label company RottenFlesh Records secured a deal to release Kujang Rampak’s self-titled album.

The recording session was finished in June 2016.

To finalized the album process, Oliel and Riki designed the cover art and logo, respectively. Photography was done by Apri Vestcoholic. Owner of RottenFlesh Supriyadi did the lay out. Rini Pratiwi is credited as executive producer.

Six songs plus two hidden tracks are listed in Kujang Rampak, released in September 2016.


In January 2017, Rottenflesh Records scheduled a launch party, which would take place on March 19, 2017.

On February 27, founding member/guitarist Riki Wisisena resigned from the band for undisclosed reason in the dawn of their album launch party. The sudden and unexpected departure was published in his Facebook account. Many fellow musicians were saddened and showed their upset.

The album launch party was held on March 19 at Grand Charly VST Karaoke Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, featured the performances of Kujang Rampak and 19 fellow bands i.e.  Reax, Corporation of Bleeding, Pedih, Effigy, Final Terror, Mortal Aullouis, Maggot, Instruction Killer, Helljanatish, Demon of Ditty, Dry Corps, Arohara, Sineanima, Antrophopagy, Bosas, Amphutasy, Sliders, and Thoryvodis.

Kujang Rampak 2017 | left-to-right: Ino, Gono, Tris, Oliel

Shortly after, Trisna switched position from bass to guitars. Berang’s bassist Ino joined the band on March 22, 2017.


Oliel Ahmad in his interview with revealed Riki’s departure was due to personal differences and his activities.

Oliel added the band now is preparing new materials for their sophomore album.

Suffocation, Disavowed and Decide are among the band who gives influences to Kujang Rampak.




Oliel Ahmad – vocals (2014 – present)
Sumargono – drums (2012 – present)
Trisna Mulia – guitars (2014 – present)
Ino – bass (2017 – present)


Apri – vocals (2012 – 2013)
Riki Wisisena – guitars (2012 – 2017)


2016 – Kujang Rampak (RottenFlesh Record, Jakarta)


Facebook: Kujang Rampak
Reverbnation: Kujang Rampak
Booking: 081283495961



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