Lembah Hitam presents Lamongan Bawah Tanah

Lembah Hitam, a new event management creates an underground gig for Lamongan metal citizen. The gig titled Lamongan Bawah Tanah will be held on Sunday, July 9, 2017 at Gedung Mayangkara Mantup, Jl. Raya Mantup No.59, Mantup, Lamongan Regency, East Java.

Twenty one metal bands from around East Java Province will be presented from 9 AM to 6 PM. Surabaya-based death metal/grindcore act G.A.S. will headline the show.

Artikel mengenai even ini dalam Bahasa Indonesia dapat dibaca di tautan berikut: Ada G.A.S. di Lamongan Bawah Tanah

G.A.S. (also known as G.A.S. 178) is indeed a personal project of renowned guitarist Samier after he disbanded his original band Showdeath in February 2009. It was intended to be Birmingham’s Napalm Death cover band, but then also plays own materials.

Samier who plays for death metal veteran Tengkorak since 2003, recruited former Pejah’s guitarist Sari Asyera as the band’s frontwoman. Sari was also known playing guitar for Fear Inside, Blasphemer, and Thandus. Bassist Garbo and drummer Amir were employed to complete the initial line up. Garbo left at once and replaced by Reynold. Female drummer Antonia Inri stepped in after Amir parted ways with the band in 2011.

To date, G.A.S has released EP Generasi Penghancur (2015, independent) and studio album Demoralisasi Penguasa Bangsa (2016, Inferno Records).

G.A.S stands for gasoline, and 178 is the address number of Samier’s Inferno Studio, which lies on Jl. Prof. DR. Moestopo 178, Surabaya.

Speed metal music enthusiasts in East Java has been waiting for Zheprapat to release album, although the band is known for having enough materials for a full-length. Founded in December 2004 as a supergroup whose personnel came from different music backrgound, Zheprapat now comprises of Raka Matrius (guitars), Sitey (vocals), Audy (vocals), Cikoz Farica (guitars), Yudhiez (bass), Agus (keyboards), and Rizal (drums).

Zheprapat stands for zhetan (setan) prapatan.

The Sidoarjo-based deathcore act Pubas Sweet Hero will showcase materials from their debut EP Dominion, released independently in June 2013. An official video was published to accompany track Dominion on February 26, 2016. Since its inception in October 2009, the band has a series of line up changing. The current formation consists of Jeff (vocals), Poenky Tria Herlambang (vocals), Johan (bass), Bagus (guitars), Rezan (guitars), and Filsa (drums).

Since its establishment in 1999, Gresik-based black metal band Tragyst has released a full-length album titled Lembah Kehancuran, published by SonnenGott Musik in August 2002. According to their Facebook page, latest formation comprises Opan (guitars), Amel (guitars), Kanthel (drums), Andi (vocals), Poenk (vocals) and Eko (keyboards).

Perseverance and steadfastness are the keys for Surabaya’s hardcore act Naked Brain, to stay alive after 20 years dwelling around the earth. With an album titled Sound of Distortion and two official videos (Dendam and Kill the Tempo), assure the band to keep on rocking for more years to come.

On January 3 this year, the band’s Facebook announced their recording sessions had just finished, waiting for mixing phase, presumably for second upcoming album.

Since founded in 1997, guitarist Niko Komix has been the only surviving original member, with accompaniment of Jeqo Ramadhan (guitars), Iwan KC (bass), Yopi (drums) and Tonny (vocals).


Yoyok Arda from Lembah Hitam spoke with www.musik.or.id about the show. He said Lembah Hitam was establsihed on January 20, 2017, intended to develop youth mental toughness and to encourage youth musicians improving their talent by providing gig platforms.


The owner of Lafadz Merch added this is Lembah Hitam’s first event ever.


G.A.S (Surabaya)
TRAGYST (Gresik)
JUDASH (Surabaya)
ZHEPRAPAT (Sidoarjo)
SYAITON (Lamongan)
MADATORY (Jombang)
EMPORAL (Surabaya)
PELUNCUR (Lamongan)
IMPERIUM (Lamongan)
DISCOVER (Lamongan)

Ticket is available for IDR 25K. For further information about the show, the organizer can be reached at 085855817261 (Yoyok).

This event is supported by Lafadz Merch, Nifa Merch, Asyifa Rebel, Begejel 666, Barokah Jati, Peace of Metal, Lamongan Anarki, and Kastolanisty.


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