List album Metal bulan Juni 2013

Cover Album Megadeth - Super Collider
Cover Album Megadeth – Super Collider

List album Metal bulan Juni 2013.

Tanggal Artis Album
3 White Wizzard The Devil’s Cut
4 Megadeth Super Collider
5 Jon Oliva’s Pain Raise the Curtain
7 Summoning Old Mornings Dawn
11 The Black Dahlia Murder Everblack
Black Sabbath 13
Children of Bodom Halo of Blood
Deafheaven Sunbather
Integrity Suicide Black Snake
Jørn Lande Traveller
My Ruin The Sacred Mood
Scale the Summit The Migration
14 Magnus Karlsson Free Fall
17 Amberian Dawn Re-Evolution (compilation)
Kalmah Seventh Swamphony
18 Dark Moor Ars Musica
Fuck the Facts Amer (EP)
High On Fire Spitting Fire Live Vol. 1 (live)
Spitting Fire Live Vol. 2 (live)
Valient Thorr Our Own Masters
21 Edenbridge The Bonding
Eternal Oath Ghostlands
Extol Extol
Raven Rock Until You Drop (DVD)
24 Autopsy The Headless Ritual
Firewind Apotheosis – Live 2012 (live)
Orphaned Land All is One
Queensrÿche with Todd La Torre Queensrÿche
25 Amon Amarth Deceiver of the Gods
August Burns Red Rescue & Restore
Deeds of Flesh Portals to Canaan
Havok Unnatural Selection
Mouth of the Architect Dawning
26 Trauma Karma Obscura
28 Agathodaimon In Darkness
Darkane The Sinister Supremacy
Impiety Vengeance Hell Immemorial(compilation)
Månegarm Legions of the North
Sirenia Perils of the Deep Blue

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