Manunggal presents PADHANG DALANE #3


MANUNGGAL throws back PADHANG DALANE, an exclusive series of black metal gigs.  The third installment will be held on Sunday, 15 January 2017, at  Gedung KPRI Gotong Royong, Desa Bendungan, Gondang, Tulungagung Regency, East Java.

The franchise returns to Tulungagung as the last sequel was held in Kediri, 2014.

It was Temon JS, keyboardist and leader of Tulungagung-native black metal act  JOLO SUKMO, who established MANUNGGAL, and iniated the first PADHANG DALANE, a dedicated gig for black metal genre and related styles, on 23 June 2013. Temon thought it was necessary to have an exclusive black metal concert series since there had not been a show of this kind, while at the same time there were so many musicians in his area played this very music.

Padhang Dalane was chosen as the gig name which meant “May God shows thou a path of light”.

Beside Padhang Dalane, Temon and his corroborators also created non black metal gig such as Different Hell 1 and  2; and organized tour for FORGOTTEN SOUL.

18 bands are scheduled to shriek their Orphic lyrics in front of Tulungagung extreme music enthusiasts.


  1. KAMAR MAYAT (Semarang, black metal)
  2. MENDIANG ROMO (Tuban, mystical Javanese black metal)
  3. SUWEK MORI (Blitar, extreme Javanese black metal)
  4. SAKRAL CEREMONY (Malang, black metal)
  5. ANGEL OF DARKNES (Sidoarjo, Gothic metal)
  6. PESAREAN (Madiun, mystical black metal)
  7. JOLO SUKMO (Tulungagung, Javanese black metal)
  8. PESANGGRAHAN SAKRAL (Tulungagung, Javanese black metal)
  9. TILAR NDUNYO (Lamongan, harmony black metal)
  10. PAREWANGAN (Surabaya, black metal)
  11. SATANIC ANGEL (Malang, Gothic black metal)
  12. MALAIKAT MAUT (Surabaya, black metal)
  13. TALQIN MAYIT (Rembang, black metal)
  14. SAMBER NYOWO (Tulungagung, ritualistic Javanese black metal)
  15. RUWATAN LELUHUR (Tulungagung, Javanese black metal)
  16. TUMBAL NYOWO (Tulungagung, harmony black metal)
  17. LEMBAH SETAN (Tulungagung, mystical black metal)
  18. REKSO JIWO (Tulungagung, extreme Javanese black metal)


Ticket may be purchased at the gate for IDR 20K. For detailed information about the show, please phone Temon at 085735001936.

Padhang Dalane #3 is supported by BDSS (Bajang Dark Soul Society) and TSBM (Tulungagung Silaturahmi Black Metal).



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