Metal in Reunion V


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The second largest city in West Sumatera, Payakumbuh will see the come back of gig series Metal in Reunion after a 2-year break. The fifth installment will be held on Saturday, April 15, 2017 at SMK Negeri 2 Hall, Payakumbuh. Yhel-Vie Production co-organizes the show with Horizon Music Studio.

Sixteen metal bands in the current roster will go berserk in front of Payakumbuh metal crowd who is longing for the such event.  Two Padang-based metal core and hardcore acts ZEAL and GHOSTBUSTER, respectively, are scheduled to headline the show. The four-piece metalcore band ZEAL, consisted of Wido, Ryan, Tommy, and Galang, will promote their 2016 debut full-length album Slave of Our Creation.

Another band who will do album promotion in the very gig is RETALITION. The death metal unit from Sungai Penuh, Jambi lists Metal in Reunion V as one of the gigs to visit this year, to support their debut LP Inspire the Moment.

Bujeng from Yhel-Vie Production in his interview with spoke about the show. He said the Metal in Reunion was organized for the first time by Galamai Metal Syndicate and Yhel-Vie Production on March 17, 2013, at SMPN 5 Hall, Payakumbuh. The gig was a huge success. It drew a positive response from the local metal music enthusiast.

The second issue was held three months later in June 2013, at Karya Theater, Payakumbuh. This time Yhel-Vie Production teamed up with  Grief Blozzom Production from Pekan Baru. The Metal in Reunion II presented Jakarta-based death metal band SINUSITIS as headliner.

Yhel-Vie Production and Grief Blozzom Production managed to hold a show together again. This time, the Metal in Reunion III with FADIHAT as the headliner, held at GOR M. Yamin, Payakumbuh on November 30, 2013. The third edition marked the last Metal in Reunion gig franchise before the event management was put in a long hiatus.

It took two year later to wake up the Yhel-vie Production. This time it re-teamed up with Galamai Metal Syndicate in March 2015 to hold the fourth Metal in Reunion. MALTREAT DEAFEN and KORUPORBA, two prominent extreme bands from Pekan Baru headlined the show. This sequel attracted bands from Payakumbuh, Padang, Bukit Tinggi, Padang Panjang, Solok, Damasraya, Sawahlunto, Pekanbaru, and other cities, to play.

Bujeng cited Hendy Farlan (from ROH) as the man who proposed the gig title: Metal in Reunion.

Metal in Reunion V


  1. ZEAL (Padang, Metalcore)
  2. GHOST BUSTER (Padang, Hardcore)
  3. NOCTURNAL SYMPHONY (Payakumbuh, Thrash metal)
  4. RETALITION (Sungai Penuh, Jambi, Death metal)
  5. SADISTIC TORTURE (Padang, Death metal)
  6. ORBIT (Payakumbuh, Death metal)
  7. LOST OUT MIND (Payakumbuh, Hardcore)
  8. DIGOTHAL (Payakumbuh, Symphonic Metal/Electro)
  9. GHOST OF NOISE (Payakumbuh, Deathcore)
  10. PUNDEN BERUNDAK (Payakumbuh, Hardcore)
  12. ARISE
  13. HIGH-HAT
  15. MALAKA

The show will kick off on 3 PM and will finish on 11 AM. For further information about the show, you may contact Bujeng (085274295509), Boy (082214142335) and Fiqih (085274030285).


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