Ciledug Tangerang Metalhead to hold Metalhead Bukber & Sharing Music

Ciledug Metalhead, an underground society of Ciledug, an area that colloquially known as the capital city of metal in Tangerang City, Banten, and Tangerang  Metalhead, will hold an iftar tonight, Sunday, June 4, 2017 at Kedai Kopi Blasting, Jalan HOS Cokroaminoto – larangan Utara, Ciledug, Tangerang.

The event is titled Metalhead Bukber & Sharing Music. Bukber stands for Buka (puasa) bersama or breaking the fast (iftar).

Prior the iftar, the society holds a series of discussion starting from 4 PM until finish, with keynotes consist of musicians, event organizers,  journalists, merchandisers, and labels.

List of keynote speakers:

  • Musicians
    Ibenk (Reborn Damnation/ ex-Adaptor)
    Yachya Wacked (Isolated Demise/ ex-Grausig)
    Heila Tanissan (Wuruju/ ex-Trauma)
  • Event Organizer
    Andy Syaikul (Gothica Production)
    Dera (Tapluck Production)
    Rian Bucek (Klinik Bucek)
  • Media Partaner & Magazine
    Ekka Gembel (IRS Radio)
    Bada Riyadi (Air Magazine)
  • Label Records & Production
    Boyoy (Grindlife Records)
    Hery Tapox (Dead Rebel Records)
    Ahmad Aly Andre (Sickness Production)
    Denis Sahputra (DG Records)
  • Distro & Merchandise
    Reza (Funtech Merch)
    Fathir (Kian Santan Distro)
    Jay (Kujang Keris Distro)

Atrocious‘ bassist Azby Mohas who organizes the Iftar along with Ade Kepun, owner of Kopi Blasting, spoke about the event with He said this is the second iftar they hold after the first one in 2015’s Ramadan. This event aims to pay an honor to musicians and society members who practice sawm (fasting), and to strengthen the kinship among the metalheads in Tangerang.


This event is supported by Ciledug Metalhead, J5UG, Tangerang Metalhead, Pasukan Soang, Pasukan Ndog Jin and Java Metalhead.

For further information, please contact Abbi Atrocious at +6289697178623 and Ade Kepun Kopi Blasting at +6181285137824.


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