Mogad premieres official lyric video for debut Retorika Pengampunan

Bandung-based melodic death metal unit Mogad, has unleashed an official lyric video for debut single Retorika Pengampunan on July 19, 2017. Retorika Pengampunan is a track of their upcoming debut EP Masterpiece of God and Demon.

The lyric video is created by Valhalla Digital Media, using the band’s latest artwork as motion background. The artwork per se is designed by Odik from Kidoartwork.

Single Retorika Pengampunan showcases Mogad personnel’s fond of Swedish-style melodic death metal, with fast riffs, harmonic guitar lines, power metal double bass drumming, some metalcore-esque breakdowns, and frontman Opang’s death growl. The delicious melodic guitar solo and drums solo are remarkable. This song tells us the future-release of Masterpiece of God and Demon is really promising. Can’t wait to hear more from this band.

Mogad was founded in December 2015, in Bandung as Helldizzy by frontman Tovan “Opang” Anggara. He asked former schoolmates Skott (guitars), Gagan Romadhona Putra (drums), and Roh (bass) to form a new band called Helldizzy. In the end 2016, the band’s fate was in jeopardy due to creative differences. Roh departed to focus in his other project Breastholder, and Skott quit due to his commitment outside the band.

Opang and Gagad scouted new players subsequently. They founded and recruited former Tembak Mati/Stigmatuary’s drummer Rizky “Stone” Pratama , which forced Gagan to switch to bass position. Duo shred guitarists from Magnetic Band, Idey “Ibeng” Permana and Ardyanto agreed to join force. The new line up dropped Helldizzy and adopted new name Mogad, an abbreviation of Masterpiece of God and Demon.

Founder/frontman Tovan in recent interview with talked about the songwriting process. He revealed all materials were initially coming from guitar riffs made by Ibeng and Ardy. Then the band forged a complete arrangements in jamming studio. Tovan wrote all lyrics.

The band has been working in Yeah Music Studio, Jalan Raya Soreang, Cangkuang, Bandung since June 2017. The studio’s resident engineer Bimo Yeah recorded Retorika Pengampunan. Tovan credited Gore Infamous’ frontman Rendra Zed as their recording adviser.

Tovan cited Bajasuti Community as the band members’s home.

Latest line up consists of Opang (vocals), Gagan Romadhona Putra (bass), Idey “Ibeng” Permana (guitars), Ardyanto (guitars), and Rizky “Stone” Pratama (drums).

Check the video below:

Retorika Pengampunan

Aku telah memangsa akidah
Aku berdusta kepada iman
Bergerak agresif tanpa meraba
Jauh melangkah ke arah samar

Dalam dekapan murka
Aku tertawa dalam binasa
Bagai terkutuk waktu yang bengis
Akulah pengabdi Tuhan yang gagal

Dalam ancaman sunyi
AKu menari di alam mimpi
Dalam pelukan Do’a
Aku tertunduk menanti pengampunan

Kalam-kalam hitam mencekam
Sere malaikat di dalam raga kita
Sisakan geram tinggalkan muram
Mendoktrin lirih busuki diri

Kutinggalkan tanah kutukan
Aku gadaikan nafas tersengal
Kutukar nurani dengan api
Aku sembunyi di alam mimpi

Jejaki asa pembawa petaka
Baluti raga ludahi logika
Pengabdi Tuhan yang buta makna
Menunggu takdir terlahir kembali

Jejaki asa pembawa nista
Lumuri diri muntahi mimpi
Pengabdi Tuhan yang buta norma
Masih terkapar menanti pengampunan

Guitar solo…

I’ve been falling
I will be coming drown
There is no more chance to go hide

I’ve been killed
I will be coming dead
There is no more light to salvation

I’ve been falling
I will be coming drown
There is no more light to go hide

I’ve been killed
I will be coming dead
There is no more chance to go back again


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